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13 Jul

is that even a word?? hehe..i just made it up..i didnt have the appetite to eat for the last 6days in uniten because i’m just sick of the choices i have..i only had ikan bilis bun for brunch and chicken soup for dinner..huhu..seriously, i didnt mean to be on diet..and surprisingly, i ate lunch dgn lahapnye at my aunt’s house this afternoon..haha so i would like to call this foodsick..i think i just miss eating homecook food..hehehehe


fair n lovely?

13 Jul

life is not fair. thats what people who are in unlucky situations say. little did they know that God has His own way to make this life as fair as it is. i watched sindarela on youtube yesterday. i tell u, its not just a mere story about a girl meets his prince charming but an example of a life story that we should take a lesson out of it.

it is true that there are so many dramas, conflicts and even unexpected weird things in the series but it is what life is all about. we cant expect the road we are taking is always a straight path, there would bumpies and holes here and there and like it or not we have to face it. some might be ready for it and some might not.

back to what i said about fair. God has His own way to make all of us get what we should is all fair to everybody after all. for instance, you might be good to somebody and expect the person to do the same to you. but s/he is not and that makes you either sad or mad or blame your not so fair life. look around you, open your eyes and heart. you’ll see you are being paid in other ways. yes, thats what God has destined to you. isnt that make ur life unique, challenging and exciting? remember, life is not as bland as you have is much more than that. as i told u earlier, dont just open your eyes, but do open your hearts and look around. you will find something that you have never expected. trust me and most importantly, trust YOURSELF.

“dan Tuhan itu maha adil bro. kesetiaan engkau pada ayu x pnah Dia persia-siakan. tapi bukan dibalas dgn kesetiaan ayu kepada engkau seperti mane yg engkau harapkan, tapi kesetiaan seorang awek pengkid yang snggup berada si sisi ko pada setiap masa dan keadaan bro.. “-tengku haidar