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Tying The Knot

1 Nov

Alhamdulillah everything went well on the day especially the solemnization, that was the most important thing i care about. I wont talk much about it and just let the pictures do the talking. If youre curious about our outfit, accessories and decorations on that day, here is the list for your reference.I didnt mean to boast about them just a guidance for you, bachelors and bachelorettes out there 🙂

Temerloh side:

Apparel: Man’s Collection Kajang, or simply Man Kajang (complete with veil, shoes, accessories and fresh flower)

Make up artist: Razz Adams, Kuala Lumpur

Tudung: De

Pelamin: Imah Bridal Collection, Temerloh, Pahang

Catering: To be checked with parents

Official Photographer: Clickelip Photography

Outdoor Photoshoot location: Stesen Keretapi Mentakab (a must shoot location 😉 )

Wedding Card: Xtra Jaya from Bandung

Goodies: Customized Notebook from Xtra Jaya, Bandung and sweets for kids

Bangi side:

Apparel: Man’s Collection Kajang, or simply Man Kajang (complete with veil, shoes, accessories and fresh flower)

Tudung: De

Make up artist: Sheila Mohamad

Pelamin: To be checked with parents in law/husband

Catering: To be checked with parents in law/husband

Official Photographer: Clickelip Photography

Outdoor Photoshoot location: Around masjid and tasik uniten

Wedding Card: Xtra Jaya from Bandung

Goodies: Kuih bahulu from Restu Rezki and sweets for kids

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update raye

24 Sep
  • night before raya





  • 1 syawal 1430H






im quite lazy to write anything as a pic speaks a thousand words..n how about 9 pictures ive uploaded up here? you do the math! 😛 anyway enjoy your raya!

the neverending hw

24 Sep



19.50 (real time: 8.05) – 8.45 (real time 9.05)

arrived at uniten:  ~10.20pm

p/s:  sanggup abiskan duit raye utk blk cepat ke kl sbb nk setelkan hw (kononnye lah..heh~)

once upon a time..

28 Aug

just wanna put some pics up since this blog has been lacking some are some of my old pics..suddenly this ramadhan, all the old memories just keep flashing one by one in front of my eyes..





want to upload more but this new maxis broadband is bengong..worse than the previous one :S

as we go on…we remember, all the time we..have together~~

19 Feb


suddenly i miss this two persons. they are my bestfriends, sisters and everything. im not so close to my parents, hence they’re the place where i tell almost everything besides to my close friends. i regret i didnt do anything much to show i love them before, worst, i dont think they (and also family) are important to me because i was raised to do all the things by myself. i still remember my supervisor, susan, once asked, “how do you feel being afar from family and home? dont you miss them?” my answer was, “nope, im used to this thing. i was sent to boarding school since i was 13 until i was 17 then i got enrolled to a prep course for a year. then pursue my study here in the states so yea, i am kinda immune to being afar.” and then she replied, “well, maybe at this time you feel like that, but at a point of time in your life, you’ll feel that family is the most important thing in your life..”..i then just smiled and nodded. i think i’ve reached ‘that point of time’ she said. i miss them, miss gossiping and what not..FYI all 3 of  us were sent to boarding school when we was 13, so we didnt spend so much of our growing up time together. that explains y i miss them now. i wonder when we would really have the time coz after this, we’ll be busy handling our own life- job, family etc..however, i never wish i could turn back the time as the experience make us appreciate every second that we have.

p/s: tetibe feeling lak ni..hehe 😛

21st bday

13 Feb

no..not my bday..its hers!


she looks older than me, she stands taller than me, she is also more mature than me and she acts less childish compared to me but despite all those comparisons, she is still and forever be my beloved younger sister! Have a good one and may god bless you always.. dont forget to treat me with your scholar money 😛 hehe

cousin’s engagement

2 Jan

some pictures around aiman’s (my cousin) engagement on december 27th.

me with cousin aqilah

brg2 hantaran


k.long with the man of the day, aiman


the lady of the day..getting 2 rings (bestnye), one for risik and the other for engagement

congratulations to the two love birds! moga kawen cepat2..hehe nk pggl hanis jd flower girl pon okey jugak..hahaha