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8 Jul

just when i thought i could open it to someone, i saw him with somebody sad..yea, it broke a lil bit..but i think its my fault (hmm again, every blame goes to me) not telling him earlier or didnt treat him the way i should (but of course la we should jual mahal 1st kan)..

anyway life goes on..i should stick to my, i’m trying hard to fight my laziness to go jogging..i really need to get back in shape..haha..has started some jogging this evening.n hopefully can do it everyday this week. come on Lince!



8 Jul

ok so this would be something fun for you to read..crush..not crushing the ice but a crush as in someone that we admire so much. the one that makes us smile (or bak kate masen ade taman dalam hati ke ape ntah yg pnah aku dgr) when s/he only say hi to us. for a girl, definitely her crush would be a boy and vice versa. from, crush that i meant is an intense but short-lived infatuation. and from my point of view..which is not much difference from the dictionary meaning.., a crush is a person whom we admire so much for his/her physical appearance, skills in something or his/her personality. we could also have more crushes at one time because we only admire them and for me, i dont expect my crush to be my boyfriend and if the person we admire know our ‘feeling’ towards him/her it will be no fun anymore..right?

dont lie to me that in your life u have never had a crush..thats bulltuuuut..okla, for a confession, i have several crushes in my life to date.

-elementary/primary school:

haha it is funny when i remember this old ‘love’ story of mine. when i was in standard 4, i admired this boy so much as hes kinda cute and good in sports especially in track n field. i told a friend who coincidentally lived near that boy’s house and yea of course, she knew him. so then i always bought him something and asked this friend of mine to give the things to him..ok let me name my friend Siti and that boy Mat. so every after school Siti had something to give to Mat..well basically from me. the funny thing was, Mat didnt even know me but of course la he just accepted the gift. heh, such a waste to give him lots of presents..well, those days i was so naive i guess..anyway, i admired him so much after watching him doing awesome jump in high jump event during sports day. and i dont know when i stopped admire him..i think after he got out of school. that time Mat was in standard 6.

-high school:

precaution: please dont think of anything when you read this part..what i’m going to write below is merely a random feeling when i was young and i was in the situation that was only a few of you could understand..if you are from one gender schools u’ll understand this feeling but if you are from co-ed schools, you might find this a bit weird.

so i think everybody knows that i was a former student of an all-girls school. a ‘special’ relation between a junior and a senior in our school is not a big deal. special that i meant is not the lesbian kind of thing. it is like a close rapport between the junior and senior which has different level according to how close they are. And that we call ‘title’. apart from that we also has names for those who dont have the relationship but just admire the senior. so to cut the story short i did have a ‘crush’ on this one senior (haha..ok glaces, u can laugh now coz some of u know who this person is)..well, she’s a good leader, cool, good in sports also, so of course she got so many admires in the school..i bought her something and gave them to her secretly..and because i was a prefect, i could easily put the thing outside her room unnoticed when i was on duty patrolling the hostel during dinner time. haha..but at the end of the day, she knew that it was me and finally when she got out of school the feeling had also gone..


eversince i stepped myself into taekwondo class, i think i had fall for him. he was the first one who approached me when i entered the class!..but then i realize it was only a crush..because he has a gf already..anyway i do admire him because of his skills in taekwondo, his kindness and also his cuteness :P..he is the first chinese-looking guy that i like..haha..honestly, chinese-look is not my type..well, he’s korean american after all..not chinese looking la kirenye..


so now i introduce you, glenn..hehe..

(sorry glenn had to put ur pic up here..hoho cam pakcik ni bace je blog aku)

as the definition said, it is only short-lived so after i got out of rpi, the feeling is getting lesser and lesser. but still though, i admire his skills in tkd.


i have a crush on this one fella..ahah! i dont want to leak out much (takut nnt ade org teka n cari and tell him, nnt da xjd crush dah…haha) but just some info for u guys, 1st thing that made me like him is his eyes (for some people he might not be that cute but for me his eyes are). met him for the first time during the booth carnival. from what i heard hes good in what hes good in and that is quite impressive (i think)..told u, cant tell much about him..haha

OK people, its now your time to shout out about your crush i dare you..haha..if you didnt realize, all the people i mention above are all good in their respective sports..yes, sports means healthy..i like healthy take care of your health my dear friends ya! haha enough da agak mengarut..hmm need to sleep..till then~