saya juga melayu, awak juga melayu

30 Apr

sometimes i hate being in malaysia as the people are not as warmth as those i met in the states. ‘they’ talk behind our back (the coward we call them as they dont have the nerve to tell us straight to our face), ‘they’ envy those who excel in everything they do or have something that ‘they’ dont have, ‘they’ just you know, i think, feel annoyed if other people are different than ‘them’..well, ‘they’ are the malays to be specific. they will have this kind of look when you do something out of ordinary. why dont they just support what the excellent people of their own kind have achieved rather than talking trash about them? i know im a malay too, i know the habit is in the blood because we’ve been raised like this..but i dont want this thing to prolong to our next i recall the motto from my previous institution, ‘why not change the world?’, i simply modify it to smaller scale, ‘why not change malaysia?’ (or maybe your workplace to be more smaller)..i know its hard to do, but we have to start it anyway..begin it with yourself. dont just tell people what they should do, or condemn their behavior. you yourself should behave as you want people want to be, do the right thing and all. if each of the malays has this kind of attitude, im sure we could successfully change them how we want it to be 😉 insyaAllah…

3 Responses to “saya juga melayu, awak juga melayu”

  1. saiful April 30, 2010 at 1:52 pm #

    Msia ppl suka sgt jga tepi kain org..

  2. leng May 6, 2010 at 10:09 am #

    lg 1 hasad dengki yg kuat. >.<

    semua pun tapuas hati. semua pun nak ckp psl org.
    darikan menda yg kecik dan remeh temeh.

    contoh : mamat tuh buruk wat rambut cetu , minah tuh tabole blah pkai cetu.

    alaa. sukatie diorgla nak cene pun. sekali tak nyusahkan kita

  3. rijal July 18, 2010 at 10:22 pm #

    Oh so sangat bersetuju.

    byk tanya dlm kelas je org panggil jambu lecturer.
    smangat sket je org kata gila kuasa.
    rajin sket je org kutuk bajet power.
    menonjol sket je org ckp attention whore.

    xleh kah kita pndg yg positif..


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