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do u know? part 1

25 May

-i cooked the best ikan talapia bakar, ayam kicap black paper and ayam masak lemak cili api among my batch kt RPI dulu…haha..kan fariza kan?

-mueller center was like my 2nd home back in rpi

-i was among the best new shooters in air rifle club in RPI. i even had my own locker for my rifle and other gears so that i could practice whenever i like. the coach, chuck, had even ordered a small new glove for me but i didnt get to wear it..huhu

-my friend almost got me a fake american id so i could compete in the national taekwondo tournament, but i refused to have one..yela, kang kantoi ngn imigresen, masuk jail trus

-when i was at my 1st batizado in new york city, some hispanic people talked to me in spanish..coz they thought i’m a latino too.. and my only reply was “sorry, i dont understand you.”

-i love bagels with cream cheese!!

-when i worked with sodexho this one day during summer, i brought back home a lot of extra bagels and cream supervisor xtau about this..aku tau mane diorg ltk brg.hehe

-they (my supervisors) once gossiped me and zac as the beauty and the, this is what i heard from shikin..

-i got usd8 per hour working as a waitstaff with sodexho and after about a year, i got a raise about usd0.30.

-i usually went to new york city because of these reasons: taekwondo tournaments, capoeira parties and gathering.

Title: saje2

24 May

to: ********@*******.com



Title: saje2

“weyt..nk tau x sbb pe aku sedih?? saje mls ckp kt ko dlm messenger..prefer email kot..hmm sbb ko tak kasi tau sape org tu..hehe..mesti ko rase pelik sbb bnd tu pon aku nk merajuk..hehe..saje je nk tau, aku igt ko open ngn aku sbb sebelum ni aku rase aku agak open ngn ko..bodoh jugak la aku nk mengharapkan the same aku tau..sume org ade secret n nk simpan secret tu for diri sniri..aku ske same rate so kalu ko mmg xopen ngn aku, aku pon akan xopen dgn ko lagi..hehe..da la ridiculous la bnd ni..sorry kalu ko xpaham..aku mmg complicated sket..hehe..dan cam ko ckp aku ni kot aku ni pelik..for the sake of our frenship aku kasi email ni..and tegur ko balik..kalu nk ikutkan ego aku, mmg aku xtegur ko smpi ko tegur aku balik..hehe..ego aku sgt tinggi menggunung snanye..hehe..sorila sbb jd kwn yg agak pelik tp kalu da tanak kwn ngn aku pon xpe..sapela aku ni kan..haha..byklak aku mengarut..oh n then jgn reply..aku tanak tau comment ko pasal email ni..hehe..”

this email was supposed to be sent to someone months ago when i was still in the states..i dont know why i didnt send it and still keep it in my draft email folder. i decided to delete it today..ahah! but i still keep this here..i think i’ve lost him. until now, i dont really have someone i can open up to..besides my dearest mc’am.


22 May

i wanna see this!!!


its gonna be amazing seeing the legend alive..i know he’s only the impersonator but they do look alike!.. furthermore,they have 30% discount for students. bookings can be made through here. to those who are interested, give me a buzz so we can go together..jom!!


21 May


Congrats to my fellow RPI capoeiristas..Recently they had a batizado and 3 of them got new cordao! Kudos to Ioio (2nd from left) for his Crua Amarela, Girafa (4th from left) and Palito (3rd from right) for their Amarela cords..I’m not surprised that Palito would straight away got the Amarela from Crua since he’s so into capoeira and I salute him for his skills in music. I wish I was there with you guys! Congratulations again!

another demo

21 May

dont know what to write today..couldnt sleep well last night because of the stupid nyamuk (mosquitoes) and i’m thinking of the next big project my friend just got. demo/show for malacca street carnival next week. I’m quite broke right now and dont know if i could make it. this time the demo would be an hour for 3 i would say its quite worth it to come down to malacca again for 3 days of demo compared to before which was only 10mins.i dont mind how many minutes it is actually coz i enjoy doing the demo but when thinking about the budget and time, it sometimes not worth it.

oh and i havent been fit for this past few to do a demo in an hour..i’ll be dead by then..tula sape suro xjogging~adoi..but if i got the chance to use the gym in terendak camp, i’d be able to recover by the time of the demo..hehe, guess so..but that if i could go there on friday then i’ll have a few days to train. so what now? i dont know..still havent made up my mind..but definitely i’ll help dan out with the demo..


danny and i during our friendly roda few months ago


Filho Da Bahia and Fusion Art Group


20 May

sms 1: “ola,ape khabar? kamu free x utk buat demo di antara 26-30 may ini di melaka mall? inform d others”

sms 2: “hai nicky, tgh buat ape? auntie n dan tgh try nk join demo street carnival.klu dpt nk join?”

ans for both: “nntla sy fikir dulu”

sms 3: “nicky buchuk 😛 esok training ek?”

ans: “esk xdpt kuar la rsnye sbb mkck niki die nk kuar so niki kna duk umah”

sms 4:”Nicky~morning..jom~mlm nh g ofis aku..:

ans: no reply..i dont wanna go but dont knw how to say no, afraid to hurt her feelings. so its better to just ignore i guess. sorry.

sms 5:”Mcm ade masalah je? cite r aku dgr”

ans:”mane de prob..prob nk menurunkan berat badan adela..haha”

sms 5.1: “ko br tau ke? Selame ni aku xbaik ke? buat pengethn ko,aku ngn a***a xde pape..”

ans: (gelak) “aku xtny pon psl ko ngn a***a. hahaha kantoi!”

sms 6: “hi ngah buat pe tu kakak cantik”

ans: (gelak) “ngah tgk tv..sape ni?”

some smss i received today and yesterday..just feel like sharing it..nmpk sgt xde idea nk tulis ape..LOL

p/s: i want a new cell phone!! huhuhu..:P


18 May

“hanis, nk siput sedut?”
“xpela, xmakan. aunty mkn la semua.”
“die mmg x mkn. kalau k.longnye, balik tggu maknye masak udang. luqman, suka sup..yang die ni, xtau la..”
“…hanis mkn je ape yg ade..(xtau hanis suke makan ape? y xtau? mgkin sbb hanis mkn ape2 je selama ni..xdemand ape2 food kalu blk cuti kt umh..even blk cuti from us xkan xperasan hanis salu mintak sate kalu blk umh..xkan xtau hanis suke sate??)”