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Screw the Title

28 Jun

Oh well, I dont know what the title should be. I just had something to write after so long. Twitter has taken all the fun of writing a blog because you dont have to write long in it. You can just publish anything that comes right to your mind. But technically, if you combine all those posts in twitter, it will become a blog post. As simple as that. Yeah I bet you knew it already.

So what Ive been up to after being married? so many things that I dont think I could cramp it all in here. Lets see if I am persistent enough to write each story in each post (fingers crossed!). And so, where to start? …I dont even know where to start! LOL..ok so lets just make a checklist so that it will be easier to track down. People say if you keep it in your mind, it will get tangled and in the end you wont bother to untangle it. so here it goes…

1. Life After Marriage

2. Getting A Job

3. Being P.. oh and the list goes on…

Have you been in this situation before? You feel the urge to write back in your old blog then you got stuck in the middle? sighs..I wish I could end this like happily-ever-after story..well, I know Im not a good author but at least I tried..hehe so till then yall!