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26 Jul

ini gamba die yg edit pastu sy curi je..hehe


lazy bum bum

20 Jul

hee i know..been lazy updating this blog..well, nothing much to update i guess..the semester has started and ive been quite busy already! oh my! still have wawasan video to make, tags, futsal training, capoeira demo..just imagine how i have to juggle the time for all those things..thinking of stepping down my throne as one of the important person in the club and just concentrate on what i should – us…hehe oh n not to forget my study also ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, I’ll be part of organizing board for Minggu Suai Kenal on 25th of July. In the mean time I will also have futsal tourney from 22nd-26th of July. havent been training that much because was not in the pink of health but i just keep going with my jogging least 3 times per week..and then tomorrow, for the bazar as usual need to do some demo…hmm im afraid i cant do much tomorrow since havent been praticing capoeira for the past 4 months i guess…huhu what a shame, i know..

Another part of my story is, i had a blast during weekends! even though there was one day my mood just turned bad..hehe sorry dear..anyway been missing him so much and finally he came down to kl to see me ๐Ÿ˜€ unfortunately i was not so well but then he brought me to the clinic to do some checking and take medication..feeling quite well the next day but my mood pulak was not that good..anyway, he did his best to cheer me up again and that makes me love him even more!ย  :$ hehe have u seen me writing jiwang2 like this?? xpela once in a while kn.. ๐Ÿ˜› it was then not to late to make up the day we had lost, went shopping for one day, and he helped me paste msk posters too..thanks my sweetie!

hehe alrite that all for now..oh before that, dont forget to stop by at wawasan booth during bazaar tomorrow and the day after tomorrow yea! ๐Ÿ˜‰ see you there!

p/s: 3s ๐Ÿ˜‰

P to the P to the O to the U

4 Jul

so finally feel like posting an entry here..

ive been spending a few days at home browsing the net, specifically facebook- the thing i didnt do much during the break because ofย  my part time job. it was the time when i got to catch up with some old friends..seeing all their success through the words of the walls, the pictures and everything, it gave some vibes to my heart- the vibes of happiness, envy and i dont know..its a mix feeling.

honestly, i feel quite devastated of myself, for wasting such good opportunity that had been i just can see how they have excelled and wonder when my time would be. they started from the starting line with me and i guess i would be the last one to finish..its not that im not happy with their achievement, but im just having a down time right now and struggling to find the right way to the finishing..

(the new semester havent even started and i already gave up? ok, its not me talking right now..)

to my old friends, i may not be able to convey my congratulations through each of your wall and you may not also be able to read this as not many of you know this blog but i just wanna say it anyway…CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION AND GOOD LUCK IN JOB HUNTING!! really miss those days in IKAL. ILSAS’ dining hall, sports carnival and all..

anyway, as being well said in my facebook status, God gives each of us our own opportunity, and we just have to wait and work for it..i think ive wasted some before, and i aint waste any no more..

p/s: i miss all the 32 ppou clans