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23 Apr

sorry for quite a long silence..ive been busy with work and by the time i am home, ill be tired and ready to go to bed..oh nope, i have to bathe, soak my tshirt, eat then rinse the tshirt, then spin it in the machine and let it dry under the fan overnight then i’ll go to sleep..thats basically my daily routine..i know its boring but ironically i have fun because by working,Β  i got to sweep all the boredom staying at home alone with no money away..hehe πŸ˜›

i just dont know what to update here since its been a while not writing. plus, i dont have much time for it now.i guess ill continue on writing about eat healthy when im done with my 3-month part time have a good holiday everyone..i’ll write once in a while.. πŸ˜‰

im back!

19 Apr

just came back from johor yesterday..will update the blog soon!

eat healthy 3

11 Apr

im sorry that ive to delay on the next post about eat healthy due to busy working schedule at the moment. for now, just stick to what ive told you and just some tips before i got further on what to eat and what not. dont eat fried, oily food. switch it to the food that has less calori. lets say you wanna eat chicken chop, ask the restaurant if it is fried or grilled. if they have both, pick the grilled one but if they have only fried, then just forget about it yea…train yourself on this. this is where your mental strength comes in play. or if you cant wait for my next post, do some readings on the internet about good food. πŸ˜‰

so im quite tired right now, working for 12hrs straight with one hr break in the middle..heh..i rather feel tired exercising/working out than feel tired working :(…nonetheless, i like it, just have to be more alert and careful next time…pray for me yah..if i got high pay, then ill treat all those who prayed for me..hehehe πŸ˜›

eat healthy 2

9 Apr

so part 2..hmm what im gonna say…i’ll put all my writing in bullets so that you guys can follow it easily.

  • im gonna work with your mind first before telling you whats good and whats bad to eat. remember the summary of part 1 where i say think of what your body needs not what your desire wants? it is the same principle on how to be economical in spending money whereby buy what you need not what you want, then you’ll find yourself saving money more than you can imagine. apply this when you suddenlyΒ  want to eat an ice-cream or drinking carbonated drinks. ask yourself whether you really need this? does it give benefits to your system? what harm can it does to your body? if you really love yourself, you wont eat/drink it like i do.
  • sometimes, when i tell them i dont drink carbonated drinks, dont eat fries, roti canai and some other food, they say that im at loss for not tasting the best things in the world. then you know what i say? “its not me who lose anything but its you. you make your body suffer if you keep eating those unhealthy food.” i know we as malaysians cant get away from the mouth watering nasi lemak, roti canai teh tarik and all because Malaysia obviously has the most delicious food in the whole wide world. but if you really want to be healthy, youve got to watch what you eat. you can eat those kind of food once in a while, no harm but dont eat them frequently.
  • dieting is not about not eating but how to eat nutritiously and take your meal on time. most people who wants to diet prefer not to eat at night or maybe breakfast and even lunch. that is definitely wrong and you’ll make yourself eat more than usual. i have a friend for example. she really wants to diet as she feels herself fat. she doesn’t want to exercise as she says it is tiring and she has no time. so then she decided to control her eating habits by not eating rice for a month or maybe forever i dont know. one day, i asked her if she wanted to go for dinner. i thought she wanted to go as earlier in the evening she told me that she was really hungry. surprisingly,Β  she then said no to me with i-am-afraid-i-will-get-fat excuse. so i went to upten alone tapau-ing nasi goreng USA and ate it at home. as i was happily eating at the kitchen, she sneaked out to take some water then saw me there..and finally asked me for some of that rice..see, i knew she was hungry but she refused to eat at first coz she thought she’ll get fat eating at night. she ended up breaking her own diet rule of not to eat rice.Β  so moral of the story is, get your mind right about dieting.
  • this good habit is not just for your current situation. it will continue on until your later age. so think forward, its better for you to practice it now rather than feel sorry for yourself when you are old.

thats all i can think for now..will add some more summary for part 2:

-again, think what your body needs than what your desire wants

-love yourself to the point that you wont eat anything that will harm yourself.

-dieting is all about eating nutritious food and with the right proportion.

-dont skip your meal time.

-think forward. eating healthy now means healthy body for present and later days.. πŸ˜‰

alright see you in part 3 πŸ˜€

eat healthy 1

9 Apr

some of my friends say that im so fussy in choosing what i eat..personally im not but just choosing whats best for my think of it, why would you want to eat something that would do bad to you, something that gives you illness, uneasiness, etc. well, to those who dont know the real me,you will know how finicky i am after reading this.

ive started feeling concern about what i eat since i got involved in martial arts’ world. it was my taekwondo instructor who advised us what is good and what is bad for an athlete. he didnt straight forwardly say dont eat this and that to us but using the consequences to make us think and choose. for instance, he saw us one day drinking cold water right after training that he quickly told us a story about a hot pan and what will happen if a cold water is poured into it. now, imagine that you’re heating up a pan on a stove, similarly, youre heating up your muscles while training. when the pan is hot, you pour water into it, the water quickly vaporized followed by hissing sound. then what happen to the pan is, from a very hot temperature, it goes to a cooler one in a very short time and scientifically, you could relate it to how glasses are made and what is the characteristic of a glass? it BREAKS..well then in the other view, your muscles will not literally break like your bones but it will get weaker and weaker through time. hmm did i just cluster your mind with scientific terms? hee well that is just me who always want things to be explained scientifically.

so lets not talk about training. perhaps you are just a normal person who doesnt do sports as much. under this current weather, you are definitely tempted to drink cold water than the warm ones dont you?Β  Do you know that cold water only satisfies what your desire wants, not what your body wants? in this current hot weather, your body will get dehydrated and eventually needs a lot of water to replace what it has lost. true cold water will make you feel chill a while then you’ll stop drinking but you just have no idea that your body needs more water than that. also, your body actually has to work more to change the cold water temperature to your body temperature. i wont go further on this scientifically, lets us try something for a start. try to take plain water, or if youre bored with it, switch it with fruit juice WITHOUT ice after a meal. plain water or non-ice drink will help your digestive system dont you know that? then lets see the difference..DONT CHEAT.

i’ll will continue this next time. start on what you drink first then we’ll go on with what you eat πŸ˜‰

summary on part 1:

-drink more plain water

-dont drink cold or iced water

-think of what your body needs than what your desire wants


5 Apr

nope…this is not a review about a movie entitled ‘Taken’, IΒ  have not seen it yet or the game in ps called tekken. this is about me..hehe πŸ˜€

people say, bnd baik jgn disorokkan, so officially, im taken..hehe no more gosips and scandals after this ok πŸ˜›

to those who noticed my cheery voice or happy face or smiling while reading text messages before this, so this is the answer πŸ˜‰

remember this post? it works i tell you!

p/s:Β  20 + days and counting..hehe

pp/s: after final hr tu da stat minum ais blk dah.. πŸ˜›


4 Apr

sorry for not keeping my promises to write about this one post, basically about my eating habits and all related to health..ill write about it later in the break as i dont feel like posting about it now since it requires some precision and details that i cant just ramble about. so to those people that ive promised, dont be mad yea, i’ll let u know when ive posted the entry.. πŸ˜‰