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the newly weds

30 Sep

ciksu kawen

pic courtesy of ena (taken from fb)

hmm another friend has ended her single life and begun a new life as a fun! (hehe nmpk sgt cam xsaba ๐Ÿ˜› ) anyway CONGRATS to ciksu (real name: norsuriana fatiha) and syazwan for their wedding last saturday! as bubuk said “one more down and more to go!” well, to be exact its about 80 more to go.hehe dont forget to inform us when you get married ok my fellow gladiators..we definitely love to crash your wedding and making it a memorable one..hehe oh btw both bride and groom are actually my fellow mates during rpkj (rancangan pendidikan khas jepun in UM) which i quit for ytn offer. but ive known the bride a bit longer than the groom, which whom ive spent my teenhood time at SSP with.


29 Sep

not because im watching sepi movie on tv3 right now but it just suddenly comes to my mind at this moment..have i been too quiet for the past months? and am still now? not just on the blog but also physically and face to face.. i wonder why..i definitely love to talk and say hi to people but when i meet you guys, i dont have anything to say anymore..but dont feel offended guys..doesnt mean ive forgotten you when i dont talk to you..doesnt mean i dont wanna befriend you just that, i have nothing to say but a blank stare..well anyway, i also have no idea why im writing this..peace out!

p/s: im tired of being incharge behind the scene…just want to enjoy have fun with friends..

update raye

24 Sep
  • night before raya





  • 1 syawal 1430H






im quite lazy to write anything as a pic speaks a thousand words..n how about 9 pictures ive uploaded up here? you do the math! ๐Ÿ˜› anyway enjoy your raya!

the neverending hw

24 Sep



19.50 (real time: 8.05) – 8.45 (real time 9.05)

arrived at uniten: ย ~10.20pm

p/s: ย sanggup abiskan duit raye utk blk cepat ke kl sbb nk setelkan hw (kononnye lah..heh~)


14 Sep

date: 120909

day: saturday

venue: restoran kunang-kunang, gombak

event: eat all you can eat during breakfasting (haha)


patutnye ia ditulis as “please wait to be seated”..snanye da book awl2 pon tp malu nk masuk..


makanya kami bercamwhoring di luar dulu


after da amek tmpt duduk..muka lapa n haus..huhu


muke eja yg lapa jugak


setelah lame duduk dan terliur ngn food, makanya kami membuat hasil tangkapan baru half table, xtgk lg half.. yela byr rm50+ xkn mkn sikit je kn ๐Ÿ˜›


sate yg sedap


ketam ni kecik tp sedap…tu diorg xtau sbb sy xdpt mkn ketam ๐Ÿ˜ฆ sbb cik abg xde tolong kopekkan kulit..hehe gile manja ๐Ÿ˜›


muke kekenyangan lepas berbuka..see air soya depan tu…amek je tp bukan nk you know, before berbuka mmg nafsu nk minum sume..last2 bile da perut kenyang, air suam je yg boleh masuk..n sy mmg xminum sgt air manis2 snanye ๐Ÿ˜‰


we went to klcc afterwards tgk GAMER..even tho sume org da ngntuk pas mkn byk tp lyn jela movie satu..haha..comel kn rumah kartun ni?

makanya itu shj cerita pd hari ini

the end

p/s: credit2 diza for pictures

pp/s: thanks to LOVELY eja, diza, zida, zuhai n zida sbb ajak bukak pose same2 ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for a great saturday!

ppp/s: ย patutla mule2 tertinggal name eja sbb tertulis name zida 2 kali..hehe sorry eja

Protected: sigh~

13 Sep

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sometimes 2

13 Sep

sometimes, to start doing something you should do is harder than actually doing it..does it have to be the right moment and time then you’ll start doing it? or is it the feeling you’ve got to feel in order to kindle the first step?

arghh dont think too much, just do it demmit! one thing forsure, you’ll get the hang of it as you do it frequently..and fun awaits you along the way(process)..

p/s: hmm when will i start doing my computerized hw then? :p