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28 Apr

i seriously need some shopping!!!!!!! hoho..everything i have seems old enough n i got caught wearing the same old clothes every day!! check: hmmmmmmm not sure if i can buy much with this amount of money but well, i’ll try to think of something. πŸ˜›

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26 Apr

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26 Apr

i think i’ve posted about my names in my old blog before but, hmm what the heck..i’m just gonna do it again but now with some explanations and details..haha

so i just realized i’ve been called with so many names in my life and here they go:

  • NIK HANIS MANSOR is my full name.
  • NIK is first name. it is actually inherited from my mom, n its a long story to explain because my mom doesnt have NIK in front of her name but TUAN instead.
  • HANIS is my second name, and so-called middle name in the states. my family, cousins and relatives called me by this name..well, all my siblings have NIK in front of their name too, thats y we’ve been called by our second name. sometimes, this name is also called by adults, if i use my full name when introducing myself to them . They’ll straight away call me HANIS and not NIK. Compared to the younger people, teenagers or peers, they’ll call me by my first name.
  • NICKY/NIKKI is my all time nickname. My friends started calling me by this name when i was in high school..well, it actually started when i was in standard 6 but had not been commercialized yet. one day in a class, when i was in form 1, a friend saw a keychain at my bag written “NICKY” and she asked who Nicky is. Then I answered, that was what my friend in primary school called me. and she said, “hmm lets call Nik with that name now”. and I can still remember who that person was, Nurul Akmal ;D
  • I was also called as “ABG PENDEKA” during the penultimate years of my high school time. and Munirah Aziz was responsible for giving me that name.
  • SNEAKY was the name they used to call me when I started joining capoeira in RPI and I just dont realized it until I got my real capoeira nickname as the sound of it was somewhat similar to my nickname.
  • LINCE VERMELHA is my capoeira nickname and until now, capoeiristas in RPI and also NYC call me by this name. just LINCE, not the whole name.and its been a while i havent been called by this name..
  • KAK NGAH (second sister) is the name called by my siblings.
  • NICKY LINCE is the name i stitched on my black belt
  • NIK “NIKKI” HANIS MANSOR was written in the recommendation letter Debbie (my lecturer) wrote for me.
  • I once put NICKY “LINCE” MANSOR as my name on facebook.
  • In the states, it is easier introducing yourself using short name so i use NICKY MANSOR when introducing myself to new people there.
  • PENDEKA7 is the name i use for emails and usernames. Pendeka comes from “Abang Pendeka” i stated earlier and 7 is just simply my birthdate as well as my fav number.
  • THOMEYLICIOUS..i dont know how to spell this correctly.. is sometimes called by Mikey
  • Sometimes in the text messages, Fana calls me KUCING (cat in malay) bcoz of my capoeira name means bobcat…fana i miss u!!
  • KAK IS (Sister Is, usually in malaysia, to show respect to older people, they’ll call u with “Kakak” (sister), or “Abang” (brother) in front of your name.) is the name i wanted my juniors to call me back in high school..I was kinda tomboyish back then so I chose the name IS because its a macho name..hahahaha πŸ˜›

I’m a covergirl! hahaha

24 Apr

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life is a journey

23 Apr

met my sir this evening coz i wanted to join his class in ssp. he just learnt that i’m coming back for good..

“hi sir, its nik here. i know its not 2 years yet until i meet u again, but here i am now back in msia.just wanna ask if i could join ur training in ssp* n when would it be”

sir called me that night and said there’ll be a training at 4pm tomorrow (today) and i was so happy yet trying to find the best words for my come back explanation..

sir didnt see it as a failure, as usual, he keeps me motivated about life with his words..every single thing he says inspire me, he just knows my passion in taekwondo and martial arts. he’s the best person to refer to if i wanna talk about life, fitness, food intake and of course, taekwondo. thats y i will never miss the chance to train with him if i got the time.

same goes to pezinho in rpi..he made me become a passionate capoeirista..he pushed me to the extend “i wanna train you like animal” ..but he didnt get to keep his promise since i came back to msia earlier than expected..

basically, my life is all about friends and training. with no training n friends i have NO LIFE..i dont know why i suddenly feel that i have nowhere to go as in i’m lost in the world of my own. Everything I had before is disappearing little by little and i’m afraid that in the end, i wont have anything to hold on anymore..

*sekolah seri puteri-seri puteri school


23 Apr

because of the shocking news i stated in the earlier post, all of us feel unmotivated to train..i miss those 6.30am jogging, 10am gym session and 8pm skills training. huhu..and now i dont know what to do every single day..but anyway, at least i’m in uniten that i could go swimming, play basketball or maybe jogging if i’m bored..or just get a cab n go to the mall..but, if everyday is like this, i could go broke..meaning, i need to find a job..but dont know what job suits me..i miss working with Sodexho people!

Anyway, for tomorrow, i’m planning to train with Sir David at ssp..yeay!! finally got to want to go to the gym to brush up my stamina a lil bit before going to training!

the End of MASUM?

21 Apr

idk..but maybe..we got this shocking news this morning..

Joshua: we have a ‘good’ news’ guys..(looking at Minod)

The Others 1: what? we can send all team now?

T.O. 2: waa..y suddenly they become so nice?

Minod: No lah

Joshua: Hmm..the truth is….we are NOT going to MASUM.

T.O. 3: what??!! r u serious?

Joshua: n its not only taekwondo, but all teams. So there’ll be no training after this..bla bla bla..

…. 😦

does that mean i dont have to lose those 4kgs?…i think i’m still gonna continue that mission. who knows there might be a tournament coming up in this short time.


18 Apr

now comes the big responsibility. I got selected for MASUM just a few hours ago. i didnt quite perform during the selection last night and thought i might not be selected, plus there were 2 more people in my category..As a friend of mine said, my legs looked heavy and i seemed to have a hard time lifting them to kick..indeed it was..the reasons are, i’ve been suffering for muscle pain after the sprinting session andΒ  it’s been a while since i fought in a tournament..I remember when i joined their 1st practice earlier this semester. With some fighting spirit, a tin of livita, a hungry stomach, lighter legs, i sparred well with the girls..and shouted the loudest too..LOL, thanks to simon (RPI) for forcing me to kihaps in every practice..well, i keep doing the latter but not the other one. my performance is getting worse and i’m willing to take all the blame. i was so arrogant to come to tkwndo practice after a wonder i did so bad..

i dont want to give any more excuses because now, the most important thing is, be mentally and physically prepared for the tournament. I dont have any experience fighting the Asians and i know they are way better than the Americans,no offence my American fellas because i’ve seen a high school girl fighting like mad with a college boy and she did extremely well (it was a friendly match)..i havent seen anything like that in the INCTL (Ivy Northeast Collegiate Taekwondo League) tournaments before.

Anyway, alhamdulillah (thanks to Allah) i went through and hopefully He’ll keep me in the right track and give me strength to continue practicing and improving my skills. My deepest appreciation goes to my best bud, AM, who is always there for me.

So next week’s gonna be tougher i guess..pray for me guys! Oh btw, i really need to lose 4kgs in about a month time, anybody has any healthy tips? again, HEALTHY tips..


16 Apr

lets see some statistics today..hehe

  • 50.3kg was my weight yesterday
  • 49.8kg was recorded today after training…hoho but i dont know how much it has been after i ate chicken soup this evening..for me it is quite an achievement losing some weights even though it is only 500g πŸ˜€
  • 6 girls are currently staying in a house with only 4 beds..Uniten only provide us one room for taekwondo members..huhu
  • 3 are the number of people in my weight means tomorrow i have to fight them to get selected..they are good u know
  • 7 months has passed since I came back from the states
  • 2 half boiled eggs are my main menu for breakfast for the past few days
  • ok this one i dont know how many it is but i could say a few acnes has started to appear on my face…AAAA! i’m so hating this…

post entry:

  • Sir Benjy advised me to lose 3kgs so that i could move to fin weight division..sighs, how eh?


15 Apr

just wanna recap the activities for today coz i’m so tired..need to shower and after that massage my legs with ‘minyak angin’ (a kind of ointment).

  • started the day at 6.30am. we were supposed to start jogging but seemed like most of us woke up around that time so the session had been pushed to usual, ‘janji melayu’..oh i just realized there are only 4 out of 15 of us r janji melayu no longer acceptable but i dont know what other terms should i use.. (malay promise)
  • after everyone gathered, we started jogging from MPH to the stadium through COIT route, pardon me if u dont have any idea how the root looks like but i could tell u the distance, which is about 2km. we jogged in a group so i felt so motivated to keep jogging until the finishing line.
  • upon arriving at the stadium, we stretched out a lil bit and here the ‘best’ part..sprinting! heh! i always hate sprinting..but have to do it no matter what..they forced us to..hoho.. it was 7 sets of 50m sprinting.
  • we stayed at stadium n chit chatting for a while before went to breakfast..most of us had half boiled eggs..hoho diet athlete katekan :P..n later at 10 we had the gym session. the equipments are not as good as rpi’s gym but well, just used whatever that they have
  • i started feeling muscle pain at my right thigh and also the ankle wrist during the gym session. i think it is because of the was like forcing the muscles to run or maybe because of not much time for recovering after the sprinting..i thought it would go away as i started another training tonight. too bad it didnt. i tried to forget the pain but i just couldnt. it came back as soon as i wanted to kick high..poor i need to check with the doctor? i’ll wait until tomorrow lah, tonight i’ll just massage it with some that minyak angin i bought.
  • yea, proceeding to ep 2 means i skipped the krk at langkawi. i dont know y..i was so excited and couldnt wait for the trip but all of sudden i had to change my mind. even though the chances of going to Sabah for MASUM are so slim, but my heart told me that i want to train so bad no matter how hard it would be. i’ve been waiting for this time-having a scheduled and centralized training, for long, so i’m not gonna waste it. it was a hard decision to make and just told masen about the cancellation around 4pm this evening.
  • looking fwd for tomorrow training, even though it will be the same thing everyday..hoho..sir will be coming and hopefully the pain will go away by tomorrow..yosh!!

adios for now..