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i wish!

2 Feb

you know, when that time of the month, you feel so emotional and everything just keep popping in your mind..tell you EVERYTHING!..ive been having a normal life after recovering from the gloom episode of my life and yet all of sudden, the emo thing came back. i was browsing thorugh my fellow american capoeirista’s myspace yesterday and how i wish i could go as far as her in capoeira. She was just as fresh as me in capoeira world when i first knew her. well, i guess its not the path for me. however, i just keep wishing i could master this art and engage myself to it when the right time comes!

oh i miss them as much as i do for the art!

lazy bum bum

20 Jul

hee i know..been lazy updating this blog..well, nothing much to update i guess..the semester has started and ive been quite busy already! oh my! still have wawasan video to make, tags, futsal training, capoeira demo..just imagine how i have to juggle the time for all those things..thinking of stepping down my throne as one of the important person in the club and just concentrate on what i should – us…hehe oh n not to forget my study also 😉

Anyway, I’ll be part of organizing board for Minggu Suai Kenal on 25th of July. In the mean time I will also have futsal tourney from 22nd-26th of July. havent been training that much because was not in the pink of health but i just keep going with my jogging least 3 times per week..and then tomorrow, for the bazar as usual need to do some demo…hmm im afraid i cant do much tomorrow since havent been praticing capoeira for the past 4 months i guess…huhu what a shame, i know..

Another part of my story is, i had a blast during weekends! even though there was one day my mood just turned bad..hehe sorry dear..anyway been missing him so much and finally he came down to kl to see me 😀 unfortunately i was not so well but then he brought me to the clinic to do some checking and take medication..feeling quite well the next day but my mood pulak was not that good..anyway, he did his best to cheer me up again and that makes me love him even more!  :$ hehe have u seen me writing jiwang2 like this?? xpela once in a while kn.. 😛 it was then not to late to make up the day we had lost, went shopping for one day, and he helped me paste msk posters too..thanks my sweetie!

hehe alrite that all for now..oh before that, dont forget to stop by at wawasan booth during bazaar tomorrow and the day after tomorrow yea! 😉 see you there!

p/s: 3s 😉

im so missing ‘you’

26 Jun

i know im suppose to miss my bf but what i really miss right now is capoeira..i feel that im drifting away from it inch by inch every day..missing the good old days back with ACRPI..

february activities

16 Feb

february has been so ‘physical’ to me so far..some activities to update after this test week:

physical torture yet fun to do:

  • 8 feb 2009 – capoeira open roda in titiwangsa (skipped this one as it was held early in the morning and i was at pj, plus no transportation to go there)
  • 15 feb 2009 – petronas 3on3 basketball challenge (this was fun, will tell you guys about this later, note to erin if u read this: nk gmba and the video!)
  • 21 february 2009 – futsal wawasan (cant wait for this one but worry that my team hasnt had any training! hoho)
  • 22 february 2009 – rowing clinic (just to look things around and learn something if i were to enter ksm [karnival sukan mahasiswa]  indoor rowing competition)
  • 27 february 2009 – taekwondo friendly tournament (not sure im taekwondo-ly fit for this..huhu havent attended a training for this sem)
  • 28 february to 1st march 2009 – futsal ksm

santai activities:

  • 8 feb to 9 february 2009 – Wawasan PD Trip (the story can be viewed here)
  • 19 feb – PGL theatre at IB

mental torture:

  • 10 february 2009 – islamic 1 test 1
  • 18 february 2009 – emd test 2 at 8pm
  • 20 february 2009 – e2 test 2

well, just a brief one since im busy with tests this week. stay tune yah!


20 Dec

i’m tired of asking people with sms, so now here you go, my invitation to those who wanna join me jogging and gym-ing (tp xbyk pon buat kt gym ni sbb gym uniten xbp best..huhu):

monday, tuesday, thursday: 4pm, gym

wednesday: 7.30am, stadium + gym if rajin

friday: 8.30-10am, gym

saturday: 7.30am, stadium

sunday: 7.30am, stadium

choose which one that suits you and text me then we can have fun together!
last but not least, majulah sukan utk negara! 😉

the magic 5

10 Dec

hola people!! so i havent been having any idea what to write or should i say my writing mood has gone somewhere i dont know and just recently it visited me. i currently have a hectic schedule that i dont have time to even open my laptop when i come back to my room. i would either already exhausted or have some errands to run. hmm i wanted to write long initially but seems like i only got about 40 mins left before my class..i need to get ready and all but well, i can still write for another 10 mins..

theres so many things i want to do this semester and one of them is building up my stamina back. as i told you in previous post, i have started on some jogging and light gym training and i still continue it this week. oh and finally today, i woke up early in the morning to have a running session at the mini stadium with tony.  actually i was quite hesitate to wake up since i was really tired and slept late last nite but i made a promise to him that i would come so i joined him wasnt bad at all waking up in the morning n jog..i know it would make me more energetic throughout the day.  so i had 3 laps ++ of jogging, i know it is not that much but at least i jogged. tony of course did more laps than me and he even sprint. i hate sprinting so i didnt do any. then we had some talks about the training and i asked some advises on how to keep fit and what not. and the magic number came out..5. he said, to lose weight, i have to run at least 5 miles per day and that is equivalent to 10! i only did 3 you know..he motivated me to do at least 5 1st then build it up to 10 once i get the hang of it..yeap, i’ll do that i feel so fired up, not to lose the weight but mostly because of getting  my stamina level up again..yosh!!

alrite i better get ready to class..need to dry my hair some more..will write back anytime soon..

moving in and out

9 Nov

more stuff

more stuff

brg2 dapurmy micro yg beratpicture-016

brg2 dapur
my stuff

my stuff

i seem to write a lot today since i was left alone by all of my house mates. they have gone back home 😦 anyway it was a tiring day since i had to move out from my old apt to the new one..lotsa stuff need to bring out and i did it alone..well, nvm i used to it..on the positive side, its just another form of working out..

back in the states i used to move out once a year, not like here, we have to do this tiring work every semester..wish i could live off campus so that i would only move my stuff out once in 4 years..sighs..uniten always makes it difficult for the students..i have yet found a university that always give a hard time to its students- parking issues, slow shuttle services, mega slow internet connections, mean education system, to name a few. but who am i alone to voice this out?

have to continue doing this thing tomorrow..i’m tired already..