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comparison 1

7 Jul

today the class has started. i just came back from my only class and i am doing nothing right now aside from settling my housing issue. i’m going to en nizam’s office after lunch hour and i dont know what time is that since lunch hour in msia is like from 12 until whenever they like i if you guys have noticed, its been almost 10months since i came back from the states and there are less “dulu kan mase kt us” phrase in my speech and i know…if i keep saying that phrase, people will roll their eyes up and saying, “enough already..ko bukan org us pon..ko da duk msia da pon skang ni” kind of thing.

but still, i wanna compare how inefficient msian people are from what i have once experienced with americans in the states. its good to know the better way of doing things and this comparison i made is just for your reading and knowledge. so dont come up straight to my face and say “kalu ske sgt us ko tu nape xblk sane..” or “pegi mampus la..”

oh oh..i’ll be right back..i have to make a move to the office (time now: 1pm) and hopefully en nizam is there..(praying)

ok now back to where we were (time now:1.25pm)

huh..luckily i got to settle the housing thing by today..alhamdulillah..

so yea, 1st week, kind of relaxing, and basically when i ask other uniten students, they would say, “alaa..1st week, time org add and drop..xyah g class pon xpe..”..i was surprised! because usually in the states, 1st week is as important as the other weeks even though the students can do their add n drops during that time. n my 1st impression for the 1st class of the week was like “it might be heavy, i should bring some papers to write the notes down”.. but according to my 1st and 2nd semester in uniten, u can even miss the class!

anyway, as my experience back in the states, they will straight away start the lecture during the 1st class…thats why they are on schedule in teaching the syllabus..(no extra classes that make students’ schedules miserable like what uniten has)..of course both lecturers and most of the students will be punctual to class and the introduction will only take 5-10 mins at the beginning and after that,in a blink of your eyes, you’ll find yourself exploring the new terms and what not in the subject. it will never be repeated but as far as i’m concern, some professors do have some review session at the beginning of their next class. and you can even have your hw by the 1st class!..yes, how frustrating but it is the thing you need to kindle the study mood in you. you’ll find yourself become lazier if there is no hw given.

as i said earlier, even the students in america can still change their schedule, but after a couple of weeks, and after add n drop week has passed, they will be not much changes on the students taking the classes..they are still the faces you see in the 1st thats y i think there are no such thing like relaxing-1st-week there. the lecture will go on as scheduled n if there are new students coming in after that particular week, they’ll just get the notes from the professors’ website or their i mentioned earlier, the topics that have been lectured will not be repeated until its time for revision for exams (still, the revision is not as detail as the 1st lecture of the topics).

hmm anyway, despite of the differences, i do hope uniten or maybe other universities will improved their efficience in not just academic but also other services.