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Books and Notes

7 Dec

textbooks for sale and notes to give away:

1. control systems 1 – textbook, notes, past papers (booked)

2. emd – textbook

3. emf – textbook

4. comsys – printed notes, past papers (xsure ade lg ke x)

5. e2 – photocopied textbook

6. pom – textbook (booked)

7. numec – textbook

8. tech com – textbook – not sure if still use the same textbook

9. eis – printed notes , softcopy (give me email add)

10. power e – printed notes, past papers (xsure ade lg ke x)

11. power d – printed notes (not sure as well)

12. pci – textbook, notes and past papers

13. hvt textbook, (past papers nnt i check back)

pm me if you need any of these. i’ll update the list as soon as i check back the store ๐Ÿ˜‰



21 Apr

Do You Afraid? well the exact phrase should be Are You Afraid? but anyway, nevertheless, they’ve achieved the mission of the camp.

I finally managed to make some adjustment to my schedule to join it but too bad i could not stay until the end. i know it would be fun until the last day but i had something else to do.

Million thanks and appreciation to the alumni who had successfully run the program and i totally enjoyed it! oh and special gratitude goes to midi and abg zaki as they gave me a ride to sg congkak that night..well, it should be abg zaki initially but then he passed it to midi instead since he was still in jb in that particular time.

not to forget to all the sahabats who came, yo uguys made my weekend! ๐Ÿ˜‰ oh and special dedication to ‘nyamuk’ group as well..korang mmg bijak!

My group, Nyamuk (mosquito) is presenting our group cheer.

book sell and notes give away

14 Apr

ok fellas or maybe juniors out there who need any books or notes i listed below, do leave me a message either here or on my cell..thanks

  1. emd solution book (rm10)
  2. microp textbook + cd (rm50 +-) booked
  3. digital logic design textbook (rm30)
  4. tech com book (rm40)
  5. pom book (rm40)
  6. electrical power system 1 & 2 notes and solutions (foc) booked
  7. electronics analysis and design 2 (rm10 +-)
  8. emf book and solutions (rm45)
  9. list to be updated

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industrial training

5 Apr

ahah! just in time to get back into blogging..I was actually quite lazy to update but since i have to do a blog for my industrial training as well, so i have created another blog for that. im not leaving this totally though, just switch to the LI blog for this coming 3 months, and i guarantee you that you are going to get the update daily (even though its just a sentence ๐Ÿ˜› ). so happy reading! (if you are interested to follow it -lah!)

anyway, here’s a link to that. –>nicky@work – “when the theories are brought to real life”

past 12 am

11 Feb

I usually sleep at 12am..+- 10mins but lately i dont know why i sleep quite later than usual..hmm~

well nothing much to update actually..just won wawasan futsal last sunday with my new team named FOXY JINJO..glad that i have a serious team now..but then still there are some issues that im not satisfied with..but who am i to question? have tried but it was never answered..then i give up..miss my previous coach ๐Ÿ˜‰

need to continue on jogging and doing some other work out! miss my light body and stamina back then..oh but wait..ive lost my 3-year-old creative zen-v plus somewhere at the track or at murni futsal so upset..not used to jog without it..huhu

im keeping in touch back with my supervisor back in russel sage dining hall..good to hear news from her and im goig to reply her email soon..its quite late to reply now as im getting sleepy..good night everybody! sleep tight and sweet dreams!

varsity boat race 2009 – pic

1 Nov


girls 4+ team


row to the starting line. guess which one is me? hehe


uniten rowing team

just a few pics from varsity boat race 2009. many more in my facebook..hehe

this event has made me (in fact all competitors) tanner or darker i would almost losing my voice because of yelling too much..its a coxswain job you know..

varsity boat race 2009

7 Oct

big mouth (figuratively) + no experience rowing on the boat + blur about rowing commands and terms + a day training = the newly appointed coxswain.

heh there you go..1st time trying thing that is not myย specialty..well at least i try to be out of my comfort zone once in a while..but one matter that i cant accept until now- i forgot that i hate ‘sunbathing’ yet i immediately accepted the offer when was asked by fellow rowers.

lets come to putrajaya water sports center (presint 6, near picc) to cheer uniten’s team up ๐Ÿ˜‰ (nisa, ur phillipino guy tu ade lg this year ๐Ÿ˜› )

p/s: ย muke makin gelap ..huhuhu ๐Ÿ˜ฆ dont be surprise if you see me darker than i usually am ๐Ÿ˜ฆ