february has been so ‘physical’ to me so far..some activities to update after this test week:

physical torture yet fun to do:

  • 8 feb 2009 – capoeira open roda in titiwangsa (skipped this one as it was held early in the morning and i was at pj, plus no transportation to go there)-nothing much i know coz i didnt go but i heard they had fun..definitely, capoeira always makes u happy 😉
  • 15 feb 2009 – petronas 3on3 basketball challenge (this was fun, will tell you guys about this later, note to erin if u read this: nk gmba and the video!)- havent got any pics from erin yet, later will make an entry about this
  • 21 february 2009 – futsal wawasan (cant wait for this one but worry that my team hasnt had any training! hoho) might cancel playing on this one as i have a team no more..retired la futsal ni, bosan
  • 22 february 2009 – rowing clinic (just to look things around and learn something if i were to enter ksm [karnival sukan mahasiswa]  indoor rowing competition)
  • 27 february 2009 – taekwondo friendly tournament (not sure im taekwondo-ly fit for this..huhu havent attended a training for this sem)-pending
  • 28 february to 1st march 2009 – futsal ksm  just knew that my younger sis will fly back to aussie on 28th so have to cancel this one 😦 plus all of sudden, i have no mood for futsal no more..plus didnt make it to the selection last night due to the exam this evening..(i better find a game that dont need too many members, it is tiring to chase and ask everyone whether or not they wanna play)

santai activities:

  • 8 feb to 9 february 2009 – Wawasan PD Trip (the story can be viewed here)
  • 19 feb – PGL theatre at IB have to sell the tix to my other friend as i have exam the following day hence, no PGL for me 😦

mental torture:

  • 10 february 2009 – islamic 1 test 1
  • 18 february 2009 – emd test 2 at 8pm
  • 20 february 2009 – e2 test 2

done with all the tests for now..only signal test2 left..and the finals!!

well, just a brief one since im busy with tests this week. stay tune yah!