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past 12 am

11 Feb

I usually sleep at 12am..+- 10mins but lately i dont know why i sleep quite later than usual..hmm~

well nothing much to update actually..just won wawasan futsal last sunday with my new team named FOXY JINJO..glad that i have a serious team now..but then still there are some issues that im not satisfied with..but who am i to question? have tried but it was never answered..then i give up..miss my previous coach ūüėČ

need to continue on jogging and doing some other work out! miss my light body and stamina back then..oh but wait..ive lost my 3-year-old creative zen-v plus somewhere at the track or at murni futsal so upset..not used to jog without it..huhu

im keeping in touch back with my supervisor back in russel sage dining hall..good to hear news from her and im goig to reply her email soon..its quite late to reply now as im getting sleepy..good night everybody! sleep tight and sweet dreams!


5 Feb

just love them..dont know why but im a cat person. i feel sorry for those that live on the streets without proper food and care..but well, they know how to survive in the wild, they were born to, arent they? i wish i could have my own cat(s) soon. not now tho coz i dont have enough preparation (or more to money) to take good care of them.

im currently feeding a cat downstairs. she just gave birth to four kittens! i love to see how protective the mother cat is. she didnt even let me¬†touch¬†her kittens at first but after a while (seeing me visiting her everyday) she just let me do that. ¬†my aunt did have some cats few years back but all of them had die due to accidents and old sickness. she was not plan to adopt another cat after her fav cat died couple of years ago but suddenly, one day a cat came to her house and keep meowing for food for a few days. Being a cat lover herself, she couldnt stand seeing the cat in hunger,then ¬†she gave a bowl of cats’ food that she still had. as the day passed by, the cat comes regularly to her house and now my aunt seems happy with her new cat.

The cat was named ‘Tump’ as short of Tumpang..haha funny isnt it. Tump is kinda my cat too coz every time i go back to my aunt’s house, he’ll always play with me. I bought him new food bowl too. hehe. My aunt always say that Tump is gay because everytime he got into a fight, he’ll come back to my aunt’s house with bruises, cuts as well as scratches..every single time. poor him. well, next time i’ll teach him taekwondo or capoeira so that he could fight with those who bully him..haha

alright im off to jog now..


4 Feb

i know everybody has this attitude, realize it or not..even a lil bit..and i admit im one of them. its hard to choose between the options given  so why cant we just have it all? if you agree to this statement meaning youre one of the greedy people too..dont take back that yes, i know you do agree with it. in life there are a lot of choices, options and ways of completing our mission. its all there, God has helped us in that way, we just have to think a lil bit to choose the best one so that we could reach our target as how we want it to be. dont be lazy people..we have been spoon fed by God since  we were created, dont just lay back and wait for the things we want to drop from the wont happen unless in that meatballs movie.

i hate choosing and i would really love if i could just get both between two options. for the note, i already chose one but i dont want for the other one to lose. meaning i really hope i could have both. sighs~ but it is quite impossible. hmm i put quite back there meaning is there any chance for me to get both?? lets pray~

p/s: sorry i know some of you would not understand¬†this¬†but just pretend, ok? ūüėČ

little things

3 Feb

well, im sure most of the girls have this kind of stuff..those little little things that we keep i dont know since when, ¬†just because we still love ’em or maybe we believe that they might be useful in future. and also because they have some emotional value attached to them. heh, i understand..but little did we know that those things are just gonna fill up the space in our room until we feel that we are living in a small box..haha trust me.

i just realize that i need to throw some old things that i dont use anymore but im just lazy to sort them out..yea, there are still some stuff that are useful (heh see what ive told you…we THINK that it is useful in future but we are not sure when would it be)..ok2 this is a reminder for me actually but it can also be yours..start cleaning your room and throw away all those old things that are not in use anymore! i understand you dont have the heart to throw the gifts, cards or even letters from your childhood friends away (which you have kept since you’re 7..ahaha i know im just exaggerating) ¬†but can you imagine how it can mess your room and even fill up your storage? and until when do you want to keep those stuffs? ask yourself.

remember 5s..our mom do this every now n then at home,tell you. its sort (sisih), set in order (susun), shine/sweep (sapu), standardize (seragam) and sustain (sentiasa amal). for those who dont know, these are the efficient way of cleaning. haha just learn this from gsc..

ok ive no idea what to write anymore actually..

i wish!

2 Feb

you know, when that time of the month, you feel so emotional and everything just keep popping in your mind..tell you EVERYTHING!..ive been having a normal life after recovering from the gloom episode of my life and yet all of sudden, the emo thing came back. i was browsing thorugh my fellow american capoeirista’s myspace yesterday and how i wish i could go as far as her in capoeira. She was just as fresh as me in capoeira world when i first knew her. well, i guess its not the path for me. however, i just keep wishing i could master this art and engage myself to it when the right time comes!

oh i miss them as much as i do for the art!