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blogging again..

27 May

ok so who should i turn to when i have problems? nothing else than this blog..i dont know, feeling so empty inside right now and dont know who should i buzz at this those who know me well, i usually release the stress by exercising or gym-ing..ok done this evening..feel better afterwards but then i didnt last that long..

anyway i’ll be on holiday tomorrow..might do some movie marathon..need to catch up fast with the new movies, theres a lot coming up..days have been sweet and juicy for the past few days but sour for now until i dont know when..brb tomorrow..need to sleep now

real joy

12 May

how long have i been not writing? feels weird actually, haven’t got to update with friends’ blogs, don’t know what they are up to this holidays and i know I’ve missed some good activities they have had..all because of my part time job..yes, been working for almost a month and half and honestly, its a great experience thus far..i might regret not joining the kem S.A.T.U organized by wawasan alumni but to think of it, God had arranged it nicely for me..not to boast about myself but ive experienced all those things before and perhaps God wants me to taste another spice of life by getting me doing this job..dealing with all sorts of people and carrying all those heavy responsibilities in real life, makes me a better person..i may not have to rent a house, or buy food, kitchen stuff, toiletries etc with my own money but getting my first salary a few weeks ago was a real joy i havent felt i know how hard it is to sweat for your own money..i didnt get much but the feeling was just i have to plan how to spend it nicely..i know i have to put aside half of it for my gym and the other half, i might use it to pamper myself (read: massage at thai oddysey perhaps? or hair treatment? hehe :P)..

ok this is out of this topic…i really miss him and all my friends!!! cant wait to just get back to student’s life.. (hee am i? adoi da xlarat nk exam lg.. 😛 ) reach me out by phone or maybe ym or maybe email.. will ya?