Challenges on third trimester

3 Dec

Lil did I know that third trimester brings a lot of challenges to me. I was blissed to experience a rather breezy 1st and 2nd trimester which alhamdulillah, didnt have those typical uneasy pregnancy symptoms or allergies.

But to my surprise, i started to feel some of those in 3rd trimester which take me some time to adapt. Not the morning sickness and all but the sleepless night and constipation. Those two really get on my nerves and i find it quite a challenge to face. Oh well, on the positive notes, i take all those pushes i do in the toilet as a training for me to push the baby out during delivery. In Shaa Allah.

There is actually a remedy to both symptoms i mentioned. Firstly for the constipation. Eat a lot of papaya, before every meal. Ive tried other fruits, but papaya did a way better job than others. Moreover, eating fruits before meal is a sunnah. Islam has already had the cure, why need to find other solution? 😉 dont just do this during pregnancy, continue doing it for the rest of your’ll In Shaa Allah have a better health.

Secondly for the sleepless night. I am the person who take sleep seriously and must get 6hrs of sleep (minimum). if not i’ll get moody or dont have energy the next day. I know most of you (pregnant women) at this time will suddenly up in the middle of the night for nature call or sometimes because those little movements made by your lil one inside. I usually wake up because of the call. But from what I read from What to Expect When Youre Expecting book, you can actually avoid those calls by not taking too much fluid after 6pm, providing that you have taken enough fluid for the day before that time. If you still feel thirsty though, just drink anyway, but not too much. and other thing i learnt from the book is to work your body out during the day. What i do to get good sleep is by doing house chores or anything during the day (since i am still jobless and now is a full time housewife). this is to get your body feel tired then you’ll be likely to fall asleep easily at night and have a good rest.

I think thats all for now..need to continue doing my house chores..see ya later!

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