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24 Jul

this is just from my observation and point of view. 10 signs when you are ‘busy’ with someone:

-you’ll be smiling all day long..your face will always look cheerful

-you’ll be waiting for his/her text or call every minutes and you’ll be happy or even smile when you get his/her msg or when you see his/her name appear at your screen as the caller.

-rm10 per week for your top up cant seem to be enough. and you’ll realize you’ll run out of your credit much faster than before

-every morning you wanna wake up with his call or msg or every night you’ll only go to bed after hearing his/her voice wishing you good night

-you cant wait to meet him/her for the weekend and waiting for the one week is like forever

-you cant wait to tell him/her what happened to you today and ask him/her how was theirs

-you cant help telling your friends or maybe close friends about him/her.

-you’ll have less interest doing anything else or things that you used to do (such as updating the blog..haha)

-and while you’re reading this, you already have someone in your mind.

-and you would prolly wonder whether i am busy with someone right now..haha