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25 Jan

ive been living in a dream, i wanted to wake up but i just couldnt..yes thats what i wrote in my twitter..the truth is actually the other way around..this is real life, you wont get what you want but u’ll get what  you need..i wish i could be in a dream where i could get whatever  i wnat in a blink of the eyes..sounds like in inception, how i wish the story of inception is actually happening!


so this is my second trial to rekindle my brain with words and nice sentence get the grammar and vocabs right again..well, yea to keep it flowing and expressing it with the right words..ok that was just some random thoughts that i dont knw what else to write. sorry for wasting your time reading this post..i think i need to find a subject to write about so the words will keep flowing..


well, i think i am still dreaming, browsing at my fellow ABADA pics, makes me want to close my eyes and be there with them, training, hanging out and talking about capoeira..but i know i wont get that in real life and only Allah knows whether or not i could meet them again..but the only thing i need to do now is to keep training..Allah has sent new group for me to train with and who knows sooner or later when i get better, i’ll get to bring them down here, insyaAllah..


i’m thinking of going there to meet them after graduating but it’ll cost a lot of money and with the wedding coming, its just not the right time..anyway, i’ll keep praying for my dreams, thats a must 🙂

two thousand eleven

24 Jan

First of all happy 2011 to all! may this year brings us more good things, insyaAllah..i guess I’m getting back to blogging since i realized its important for my fyp..haha i kinda lost of ideas what to write or goreng2 in my fyp report so i figured to make sure the ideas keep coming to my brain, i need to always heres the alternative of course..

i knw ive been silent for too long and always put the ideas short either in fb and now even shorter in twitter..not just writing blogs, ive even stopped reading others blog..time wasting i must say because i have other things to do…er such as, fb-ing, tweeting, hahaha ok kidding..oh well, i have nothing specific to say in this sudden come back post but yea, later will come up with nice story to share bear with me yea, see ya in the next post!