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13 Jun

i had the guts to just go out and jog this evening, glad i did that because feel energetic until tonight! havent felt this way for a while..definitely its a new beginning. for those who want to start or restart your jogging routine, just go with it..dont ever think of any excuses..i know its hard to start but when you actually start, you’ll feel motivated and encouraged to do more šŸ˜‰ so here are some exercise i did. i didnt go too hard as it is my first for this sem, if i pushed harder, i’ll get demotivated and would prolly lazy to continue.

1. walk and stretch a bit before jogging

2. jogging for 6 rounds (time: didnt timed it but it was roughly 15-20 mins) and fast walking 1 round

3. stretch a bit before doing some muscle work out

4. sets of sit ups, leg raisings (for abs) and rinha/queda de rins (a capoeira movement) for upper body like shoulder, arms, abs too i think

– managed to do 2 sets with 10 reps each work out

will prolly do more sets and work out and get better time for jogging after this, insyaAllah. lets do it together guys! oh and Ive put a video of how to do the queda de rins (ke-da ji hins) below for you to learn.


know what you eat

27 Apr

so the first tip is knowing what you put in your mouth..and itĀ doesn’tĀ stop just there, it will go into your digestive system and finally becomes your flesh and blood. this tip is simple. you just have to differentiate what is good and what is bad for your body. for example,Ā IĀ know junk food tastes good in your mouth but it does nothing good except ruins your system with artificial flavors and know what is good not just in your mouth but also for your body. I understand thatĀ you’veĀ been eating those twisties, cheezels etc since you were kids, but for your body’s sake, you should consider changing to a healthy diet. its kinda hard to change so i suggest do it slowly.i myself took a long time to not eating junk food and it need courage to commit to it so i understand if you still addicted to those fancy food.

from my experience,Ā IĀ started to reduce my junk food takes from everyday to 2-3 days per week. then you find that you can lessen it to once a week, once a month and surprisingly to none at all..well sometimes i do crave for it,so its ok to BEND the rules for a while, but NEVER to BREAK it. you can take it once in a while though. as for carbonated drinks,Ā IĀ myself find it difficult to stop drinking it but before I knew it, I had giving it up Ā for good. you know, A&W root beer is hard to say no that particular time,Ā IĀ didn’tĀ drink carbonated drinks except the root beer andĀ IĀ wonder whyĀ IĀ stillĀ couldn’tĀ let it go. soĀ IĀ tried to avoid any A&W franchise if I wentĀ out and alhamdulillah the trick worked, I’m no more interested in carbonated drinks, even A&W root beer until now šŸ˜‰

so there you go my first guidelines for healthy starts with what you eat.

health menu/tablet

27 Apr

and so i decided to make a new menu for this journal so it wont get mixed up with other thingĀ IĀ want to write so if you just want to know about helath, just click the “health journal” tablet. mind you again, this is my own way to live a healthy life with some guidelines and facts. if you think i need some improvements, do suggest any good ideas that i can implement and if you think my way suits you, you can follow and maybe alter it to your own šŸ™‚ hopefully this would be beneficial for both you and me! cheers šŸ˜‰ !

the pyramid has pretty much said what i’m going to cover in the journal! haha

health journal?

25 Apr

wow, its been ages! i know with the twitter and all, blogging seems ancient to most people, including me. oh well, im thinking of writing a healthĀ journalĀ of my own, not following other health regimes but specifically the stories of how am i living my healthy life and of course with the guidance of professional people and facts i read about this topic..

anyway, i’ll try my best to give you the best info i can šŸ™‚ i dont know when will i start but i can affirm you its gonna be as soon as i get my new lappy šŸ˜‰

hehe this is just a guy a friend tagged me in. he is the 2011 Space Spokemodel, AFBB Pro NGA Competitor & Fitness Model. he was here in malaysia for the fitness talk i should have gone to but my ass was lazy to get on the bus to kl on that particular weekends and had few driving classes to attend to, so yeah..i just can look at the picture…haha have you felt inspired yet?

past 12 am

11 Feb

I usually sleep at 12am..+- 10mins but lately i dont know why i sleep quite later than usual..hmm~

well nothing much to update actually..just won wawasan futsal last sunday with my new team named FOXY JINJO..glad that i have a serious team now..but then still there are some issues that im not satisfied with..but who am i to question? have tried but it was never answered..then i give up..miss my previous coach šŸ˜‰

need to continue on jogging and doing some other work out! miss my light body and stamina back then..oh but wait..ive lost my 3-year-old creative zen-v plus somewhere at the track or at murni futsal so upset..not used to jog without it..huhu

im keeping in touch back with my supervisor back in russel sage dining hall..good to hear news from her and im goig to reply her email soon..its quite late to reply now as im getting sleepy..good night everybody! sleep tight and sweet dreams!

Read this..It could save your life!!

2 Nov

It’s long but very informative šŸ˜‰ copied and pasted from a mail

We all think eating fruits means just buying fruits, cutting it and just popping it into our mouths. It’s not as easy as you think. It’s important to know how and when to eat.

What is the correct way of eating fruits?

  • If you eat fruit like that, it will play a major role to detoxify your system, supplying you with a great deal of energy for weight loss and other life activities.
  • Let’s say you eat two slices of bread and then a slice of fruit. The slice of fruit is ready to go straight through the stomach into the intestines, but it is prevented from doing so.
  • In the meantime the whole meal rots and ferments and turns to acid. The minute the fruit comes into contact with the food in the stomach and digestive juices, the entire mass of food begins to spoil.
  • So please eat your fruits on an empty stomach or before yourĀ meals! You have heard people complaining – every time I eat watermelon I burp, when I eat durian my stomach bloats up, when I eat a banana I feel like running to the toilet etc – actually all this will not arise if you eat theĀ fruit on an empty stomach. The fruit mixes with the putrefying other food and produces gas and hence you will bloat!
  • Graying hair, balding, nervous outburst, and dark circles under the eyes all these will *NOT* happen if you take fruits on an empty stomach.
  • There is no such thing as some fruits, like orange and lemon are acidic, because all fruits become alkaline in our body, according to Dr. Herbert Shelton who did research on this matter. If you have mastered the correct way of eating fruits, you have the Secret of beauty, longevity, health, energy, happiness and normal weight.
  • When you need to drink fruit juice – drink only *fresh* fruit juice, NOT from the cans. Don’t even drink juice that has been heated up. Don’t eat cooked fruits because you don’t get the nutrients at all. You only get toĀ taste. Cooking destroys all the vitamins.
  • But eating a whole fruit is better than drinking the juice. If you should drink the juice, drink it mouthful by mouthful slowly, because you must let it mix with your saliva before swallowing it. You can go on a 3-day fruit fast to cleanse your body. Just eat fruits and drink fruit juice throughout the 3 days and you will be surprised when your friends tell you how radiant you look!
  • KIWI: Ā Tiny but mighty. This is a good source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin E & fiber. Its vitamin C content is twice that of an orange.
  • APPLE: Ā An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Although an apple has a low vitamin C content, it has antioxidants & flavonoids which enhances the activity of vitamin C thereby helping to lower the risks of colon cancer, heart attack & stroke.
  • STRAWBERRY: Protective Fruit. Strawberries have the highest total antioxidant power among major fruits & protect the body from cancer-causing, blood vessel clogging free radicals.
  • ORANGE : Sweetest medicine. Taking 2-4 oranges a day may help keep colds away, lower cholesterol, prevent & dissolve kidney stones as well as lessens the risk of colon cancer.
  • WATERMELON: Coolest thirst quencher.. Composed of 92% water, it is also packed with a giant dose of glutathione, which helps boost our immune system. They are also a key source of lycopene – the cancer fighting oxidant. Other nutrients found in watermelon are vitamin C & Potassium.
  • GUAVA & PAPAYA: Top awards for vitamin C. They are the clear winners for their high vitamin C content. Guava is also rich in fiber, which helps prevent constipation. Papaya is rich in carotene; this is good for your eyes.
  • Drinking Cold water after a meal = Cancer! Can u believe this?? For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you. It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion. Once this ‘sludge’ reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line theĀ intestine. Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.
  • A serious note about heart attacks HEART ATTACK PROCEDURE’: (THIS IS NOT A JOKE!) Women should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting. Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line.. You may never have the first chest pain during the course of a heart attack . Nausea and intense sweating are also common symptoms.. Sixty percent of people who have a heart attack while they are asleep do not wake up. Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep. Let’s be careful and be aware. The more we know the better chance we could survive.

beauty tips

1 Nov

saje nk promote this blog of a friend’s. shes studying in medicine and now in dermatology department. ive been enjoying her post about beauty tips and would like to share it with you guys..just kindly click to this link..