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im so missing ‘you’

26 Jun

i know im suppose to miss my bf but what i really miss right now is capoeira..i feel that im drifting away from it inch by inch every day..missing the good old days back with ACRPI..

entry geram tibe2

25 Jun

saya rase geram..xtau nape..dulu xde bf asik tny bile nk ade..risau la konon nnt kita xkawin asik duk bersukan je…ni dah ade lg risau pulak..nk pegi mane2 xkasi pulak…dulu nk travel jauh2 sorg2 xpe xrisau pon ni da ade org teman kate risau pulak..haih..serabut kepala otak..lebih baik ade ke xde ni..kang ckp ngn diorg single balik tny pulak nape leh single blk…if cari balik then diorg risau balik..heh penin..

i’m back!!!

25 Jun

hola people..i know its been quite sometime i left this blog..m so busy working..ok, you can call me workaholic..well maybe is just something i enjoy doing, meeting people even though sometimes i would get scolded by the so fussy customers..

hmm there are actually lotsa things i wanna share with you but then it seems rather difficult for me to translate it into words since i havent been writing so long that i forgot how to..i now prefer to keep it inside my memory box. well dont worry peeps, i’ll get my touch back when semester is open 😉 then you’ll be tired reading my stories..

im so sorry for not taking any pictures of me working becoz i dont like cheap publicity (ecewah :P) i prefer people to know me by my good work not just tyg muke and vest keje and prove that i work there.

tell you, it seems easy but the truth is isnt. being a cashier at a ticketing counter gave me a meaningful experience..i have to face so many people every minutes, hours and days..different person has different attitude, some are nice and some are not..sometimes you’ll get compliment for your good work but some other time you’ll just get scolded by rude customers even though youve done your best to serve them..i learnt so many things about people behavior throughout my days as the ticketing counter cashier..

hmm ive lost ideas again…will write again soon..