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esok raye!!!

30 Sep

esok raye tp aku xrase pape pon sgt..ikut org g shopping, aku xrase nk shopping raye pon, cukuplah baju kurung selai dua..buat ape nk membazir kn..better shopping after raye..baju yg nk pakai hari2 tu..hoho..esok confirm akn mkn byk, huhu..mak aku cam bese suro beli tudung utk pakai mase raye..malas la nk hipokrit mak, xkan time raye je pakai tudung pastu xpakai dah..xlarat nk hipokrit dah..huhu, biar hanis jd diri sniri leh x? emm..pedulila ape org nk kate..kalu idup ni asik ikut ape org kate smpi bile kite x maju..huhu

oh streamyx kt umh ni tgh gile..pagi2 die ok then da stat tgh hr die bengong..da bp kali call 100 report pasal ni..tula sape suro wat keje xbtul..dtg cek, cek la elok2 line tu da ok ke x..oh snanye time technician dtg line ok..heh bile ok je die xde la wat pape sgt..n hr tu dpt bil kate tertunggak..time suro bayar cepat je tp line cam hampeh..geram tul..tula org2 msia yg xprofessional nih..buat barang reti, maintanence hampeh..huhu tgh geram ni..da la esok raye xbaik marah2 di bulan baik ni kan…hmm aku maapkan jela korg2 ni zahir dan batin..hoho~

ape2 pon EID MUBARAK to all! enjoy la vid raye nih..pnat senior2 aku buat..

taking a break

28 Sep

there is a faulty with the modem at home while MB connection is not so good in my hometown so cant do much my fellow wawasanians, need some of ur help. kindly refer to this link.


26 Sep


love this image because its purple!! haha not just that lah, love the poem too..simple yet meaningful and deep..


26 Sep

wud like to update something today..but nothing comes out..they are all stuck in my mind..hehe..aite, come back later yah! btw, i’m home usual, boring but i try to make it not..loads of things to do – laundry, studying, house cleaning…bla bla bla

bad omen?

25 Sep

do you believe in omen? it is a warning or sign of something good or evil is about to happen. we usually realize it after the incident itself, not really before the thing happen, dont we? well, for some cases, it comes in a pattern where you can notice it in what has happened to me recently..

a few seconds ago, my night lamp’s bulb just blew out! and last nite, my fridge had stopped functioning (from my thermo point of view [lol] its refrigerant-134a has leaked out somewhere)..oh and before i found that out, we (my housemates and I) went to a gas station to pump some air in the tyre..and guess what happened? the meter was broken and the tyre deflated..we were quite panic but we then quickly find another station to put the air back in and luckily we managed to do it even though no one knew how to pump in the air at first..haha..anyway the point is, is God trying to warn me about something that is about to happen in near future? is it good? or how about if it is bad? no one knows…well, this is merely a guess..

something goes wrong somewhere

24 Sep

i dont know what and where is it but definitely yesterday evening, something has gone wrong somewhere..perhaps it was just our bad luck..well, it is not so important so just ignore this..

tomorrow (as in today later in the evening), i’ll be sitting for 2 tests – electronic analysis and design 1 (E1) and thermo 1..and the not so best part is, i havent finished studying for both of them..and guess what?? i even had the time to train capoeira last nite..haha but no regret, capoeira means FUN, no fun cannot study lorrr…haha (even if i study, the result would not be good either)

ok, so i am suppose to continue study now but it just doesnt feel right if i didnt update my blog even though i dont really have anything to share..well, anything interesting..right now it is just me talking nonsense..haha..but i know you are still going to read this.. 😛

oh btw, its been almost a year after i left the states..and for i-dont-know how many times i’ve said this, I MISS BEING IN THE STATES!..and i love everything there! (oh maybe i exaggerated a lil bit..almost everything)..States is where everything is possible and nobody and nothing would suppress your dreams and you’ll achieve them no matter what. I read some articles in a magazine last 2 weeks about how malaysians live a life there..and true, even though your dream is to be a cook, a street painter or even a full-time trainer, you’ll have the opportunities to do so and honestly you can make a living by just doing those thrilling!..anyway, despite all those jobs they are occupied with, one thing most of them (malaysians in the states) say, even though they love the country and work there, home is still where the heart is..They are proud to be malaysians and they dont hide their identities..they still eat malaysian food, celebrating anything related to malaysia events and what not..and for those who are planning to build a family, they said they prefer to raise their kids in Malaysia. one thing is because the cost of living..hehe..anyway, i’ve had my 2 years of experience being in other countries and it was an eye plus mind opener for me..i hope i could cultivate the good things i’ve learnt in my beloved ( 😛 ) country..allright enough of my states talk..if u wanna puke, better dont..haha coz nnt batal puasa la..LOL 🙂

hmm what else do i wanna mumble about? better get back to studying yah..feel tired and sleepy already..huhu..oh thermo..hmm lastly, i’m gradually getting my happiness back 🙂 the key is just make myself occupied with anything and more training i suppose! 😉

taggy tag 3

22 Sep

been tagged by NAND..hoho and even tho i’m in the study mode right now, but still got some time to do this, just because..haha~


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1 minit yang lalu, apa anda buat?

++ tgh copy and paste this taggy thing..haha precise x aku?

1 hari yang lalu, apa anda buat?

++ eid shopping with housemates at 3 different places- jusco cheras selatan, alamanda n jusco taman maluri

1 hari lagi, apa anda akan buat?

++ class, n study non stop..LOL

1 orang yang terakhir menelefon kamu?

++ miss call kire x eh? encik hafeez thermo yg miss call xtau sbb pe..

1 makanan yang baru dibeli?

++ emm bli nandos mkn utk buka ni xde bli ape2 pon..huhu

1 perkara yang diidamkan?

++ saye nak happiness saye balik.. 😦

1 tempat yang ingin dikunjung?

++ saye nk balik ke troy?

1 barang yang baru hilang?

++ protoboard kesayangan ku.. 😦

1 cerita yang baru ditonton?

++ tgk the other boleyn girl last 2 saturdays..tgk sorg2 lak tu.. 😦

1 hal yang terakhir digosipkan?

++ pasal sorg dak ni ngn budak tu..haha 😛

1 kata yang ingin diluahkan?


1 buku yang sudah dibaca?

++ xsentuh buku sgt pon..huhu

1 penyakit yang sering datang?

++ penyakit “tak ape”..

1 keinginan?

++ saye nk kembali ke diri saye yg dulu? come on niki…xde mase mase nk toleh blakang da now..huhu

1 hajat dari pari-pari?

++ saye nk jd org terkaye di dunia? LOL

1 kenangan yang tak mungkin dilupakan?

++stuck dlm toilet (pintu rosak jugak, cam cite nan..hehe) kt erl bandar tasik selatan..xde org kt dlm toilet or kt luar..terpaksa panjat dinding to the other toilet..haha then tolak kuat2 pintu tu dr luar amek luggage..hoho

1 sebab anda mengeTAG?

++ saje2..hoho

mangsa-mangsa TAG akuh?

malas nk tag kot..baru je pas tag org..