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know what you eat

27 Apr

so the first tip is knowing what you put in your mouth..and it doesn’t stop just there, it will go into your digestive system and finally becomes your flesh and blood. this tip is simple. you just have to differentiate what is good and what is bad for your body. for example, I know junk food tastes good in your mouth but it does nothing good except ruins your system with artificial flavors and know what is good not just in your mouth but also for your body. I understand that you’ve been eating those twisties, cheezels etc since you were kids, but for your body’s sake, you should consider changing to a healthy diet. its kinda hard to change so i suggest do it slowly.i myself took a long time to not eating junk food and it need courage to commit to it so i understand if you still addicted to those fancy food.

from my experience, I started to reduce my junk food takes from everyday to 2-3 days per week. then you find that you can lessen it to once a week, once a month and surprisingly to none at all..well sometimes i do crave for it,so its ok to BEND the rules for a while, but NEVER to BREAK it. you can take it once in a while though. as for carbonated drinks, I myself find it difficult to stop drinking it but before I knew it, I had giving it up  for good. you know, A&W root beer is hard to say no that particular time, I didn’t drink carbonated drinks except the root beer and I wonder why I still couldn’t let it go. so I tried to avoid any A&W franchise if I went out and alhamdulillah the trick worked, I’m no more interested in carbonated drinks, even A&W root beer until now 😉

so there you go my first guidelines for healthy starts with what you eat.

health menu/tablet

27 Apr

and so i decided to make a new menu for this journal so it wont get mixed up with other thing I want to write so if you just want to know about helath, just click the “health journal” tablet. mind you again, this is my own way to live a healthy life with some guidelines and facts. if you think i need some improvements, do suggest any good ideas that i can implement and if you think my way suits you, you can follow and maybe alter it to your own 🙂 hopefully this would be beneficial for both you and me! cheers 😉 !

the pyramid has pretty much said what i’m going to cover in the journal! haha

health journal?

25 Apr

wow, its been ages! i know with the twitter and all, blogging seems ancient to most people, including me. oh well, im thinking of writing a health journal of my own, not following other health regimes but specifically the stories of how am i living my healthy life and of course with the guidance of professional people and facts i read about this topic..

anyway, i’ll try my best to give you the best info i can 🙂 i dont know when will i start but i can affirm you its gonna be as soon as i get my new lappy 😉

hehe this is just a guy a friend tagged me in. he is the 2011 Space Spokemodel, AFBB Pro NGA Competitor & Fitness Model. he was here in malaysia for the fitness talk i should have gone to but my ass was lazy to get on the bus to kl on that particular weekends and had few driving classes to attend to, so yeah..i just can look at the picture…haha have you felt inspired yet?