Antenatal Class Summary:

8 Jun

Hey sorry for the delay..and to make it worse, this post is not gonna be a long one. but at least there’s something to read on for you ya! I apologize for that. I am a week or two away from my edd and i dont feel so good today so here you go some info (Q&A) that has been brought up during the antenatal class ive gone to.


1. The pediatrician said she does not believe in “barut” and i asked why?

Being a medical person, it is illogical that “angin” can get into your baby’s tummy through his/her belly button. The “angin” somehow got inside his/her belly when breastfeeding or any other activities that requires his/her opening the mouth. in addition, “barut” will only worsen the umbilical cord that has just been the first week after being born, the cord is still wet and if we apply the “barut” to the baby, it will cover the cut cord and gather moisture and bacteria that may cause “kudis”.

2. When is the right time to circumcise your baby and how to take care the baby if he is circumcised early? (Q to the paed as well)

It is recommended doing it after birth or before the baby turns one month. there’s a great great grandmother story says that the skin that has been circumcised will grow back. THIS IS NOT TRUE. even in Islam urge us to circumcise the baby early, there’s no specific age, it is just a recommendation.

3. This was written 5 years ago and I just rest it at number two. Have no idea how to continue, but I do have lotsa things to share about parenting :D.

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