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21 Apr

Do You Afraid? well the exact phrase should be Are You Afraid? but anyway, nevertheless, they’ve achieved the mission of the camp.

I finally managed to make some adjustment to my schedule to join it but too bad i could not stay until the end. i know it would be fun until the last day but i had something else to do.

Million thanks and appreciation to the alumni who had successfully run the program and i totally enjoyed it! oh and special gratitude goes to midi and abg zaki as they gave me a ride to sg congkak that night..well, it should be abg zaki initially but then he passed it to midi instead since he was still in jb in that particular time.

not to forget to all the sahabats who came, yo uguys made my weekend! πŸ˜‰ oh and special dedication to ‘nyamuk’ group as well..korang mmg bijak!

My group, Nyamuk (mosquito) is presenting our group cheer.


past 12 am

11 Feb

I usually sleep at 12am..+- 10mins but lately i dont know why i sleep quite later than usual..hmm~

well nothing much to update actually..just won wawasan futsal last sunday with my new team named FOXY JINJO..glad that i have a serious team now..but then still there are some issues that im not satisfied with..but who am i to question? have tried but it was never answered..then i give up..miss my previous coach πŸ˜‰

need to continue on jogging and doing some other work out! miss my light body and stamina back then..oh but wait..ive lost my 3-year-old creative zen-v plus somewhere at the track or at murni futsal so upset..not used to jog without it..huhu

im keeping in touch back with my supervisor back in russel sage dining hall..good to hear news from her and im goig to reply her email soon..its quite late to reply now as im getting sleepy..good night everybody! sleep tight and sweet dreams!


14 Sep

date: 120909

day: saturday

venue: restoran kunang-kunang, gombak

event: eat all you can eat during breakfasting (haha)


patutnye ia ditulis as “please wait to be seated”..snanye da book awl2 pon tp malu nk masuk..


makanya kami bercamwhoring di luar dulu


after da amek tmpt duduk..muka lapa n haus..huhu


muke eja yg lapa jugak


setelah lame duduk dan terliur ngn food, makanya kami membuat hasil tangkapan baru half table, xtgk lg half.. yela byr rm50+ xkn mkn sikit je kn πŸ˜›


sate yg sedap


ketam ni kecik tp sedap…tu diorg xtau sbb sy xdpt mkn ketam 😦 sbb cik abg xde tolong kopekkan kulit..hehe gile manja πŸ˜›


muke kekenyangan lepas berbuka..see air soya depan tu…amek je tp bukan nk you know, before berbuka mmg nafsu nk minum sume..last2 bile da perut kenyang, air suam je yg boleh masuk..n sy mmg xminum sgt air manis2 snanye πŸ˜‰


we went to klcc afterwards tgk GAMER..even tho sume org da ngntuk pas mkn byk tp lyn jela movie satu..haha..comel kn rumah kartun ni?

makanya itu shj cerita pd hari ini

the end

p/s: credit2 diza for pictures

pp/s: thanks to LOVELY eja, diza, zida, zuhai n zida sbb ajak bukak pose same2 πŸ˜‰ thanks for a great saturday!

ppp/s: Β patutla mule2 tertinggal name eja sbb tertulis name zida 2 kali..hehe sorry eja

once upon a time..

28 Aug

just wanna put some pics up since this blog has been lacking some are some of my old pics..suddenly this ramadhan, all the old memories just keep flashing one by one in front of my eyes..





want to upload more but this new maxis broadband is bengong..worse than the previous one :S

P to the P to the O to the U

4 Jul

so finally feel like posting an entry here..

ive been spending a few days at home browsing the net, specifically facebook- the thing i didnt do much during the break because ofΒ  my part time job. it was the time when i got to catch up with some old friends..seeing all their success through the words of the walls, the pictures and everything, it gave some vibes to my heart- the vibes of happiness, envy and i dont know..its a mix feeling.

honestly, i feel quite devastated of myself, for wasting such good opportunity that had been i just can see how they have excelled and wonder when my time would be. they started from the starting line with me and i guess i would be the last one to finish..its not that im not happy with their achievement, but im just having a down time right now and struggling to find the right way to the finishing..

(the new semester havent even started and i already gave up? ok, its not me talking right now..)

to my old friends, i may not be able to convey my congratulations through each of your wall and you may not also be able to read this as not many of you know this blog but i just wanna say it anyway…CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION AND GOOD LUCK IN JOB HUNTING!! really miss those days in IKAL. ILSAS’ dining hall, sports carnival and all..

anyway, as being well said in my facebook status, God gives each of us our own opportunity, and we just have to wait and work for it..i think ive wasted some before, and i aint waste any no more..

p/s: i miss all the 32 ppou clans

the new version of upin and ipin

11 Mar


hehe presenting, the new version of upin n ipin, with also different names lah, which are EE and EP! ahaha~ it was fun hanging around with you and now i know we got a lot of similarities! erin was the only person i know who will say yes (w/o any hesitation) to any kind of sports..wa caya sama lu beb! thanks for willing to participate!


our tagline of course is also different, not the btul3 like the original version. who can guess our tagline will get a special gift from me. πŸ˜›

musim tag bak kate tasha

20 Feb

finally the exam week is over and i have the mood to do this..been tag by leng and tasha, so here u go:



  • suke tido
  • skang da jarang mkn ngn die kt upten, dulu kitorg salu open table
  • kadang2 gilir2 ponteng clas e2 ngn aku
  • byk scandals..(hoho kantoi di situ)
  • satu kepala ngn aku sng nk dibuat kawan
  • sejak die bwk kete die salu ilang ntah ke mana..hoho (mane ko pegi leng?)
  • die reti ckp siam (wish aku leh ckp bahse lain gk)
  • die ckp die xayu tp snanye die agk ayu dr aku
  • die anak sulung, mule2 aku xcaye
  • die baru bli phone baru sbb phone lame rosak..ganas tull


  • mule rapat ngn die since da jd exco
  • even tho umur masih muda tp agk matured (hehe xsangka br 18 seriously)
  • suke dengar die ckp sbb every words sgt jelas dan teratur (sbb tu salu dpt offer jd mc kan?)
  • exco wwsn yg sgt dedicated
  • hr tu hr hujan (renyai2 je) then die xpakai payung..weird pastu die boleh kate, “xpe tasha suke hujan” hehe
  • kg kitorg same kt phg
  • terjumpe die kt secret recipe kt temerloh, cam jejak kasih pulak..haha
  • jd mc partner ngn die mase Uniten Cup 2009
  • die seorg yg agak selamba
  • oh and skang die duk umah zila yg dulu

now i wanna tag,

  • tasha jr (hehe kna balik)
  • am
  • leng (ko kna wat psl aku gk)
  • diza
  • idalia
  • nana nisa
  • nissa
  • abg zaki
  • chupah
  • amyan