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13 Jun

i had the guts to just go out and jog this evening, glad i did that because feel energetic until tonight! havent felt this way for a while..definitely its a new beginning. for those who want to start or restart your jogging routine, just go with it..dont ever think of any excuses..i know its hard to start but when you actually start, you’ll feel motivated and encouraged to do more 😉 so here are some exercise i did. i didnt go too hard as it is my first for this sem, if i pushed harder, i’ll get demotivated and would prolly lazy to continue.

1. walk and stretch a bit before jogging

2. jogging for 6 rounds (time: didnt timed it but it was roughly 15-20 mins) and fast walking 1 round

3. stretch a bit before doing some muscle work out

4. sets of sit ups, leg raisings (for abs) and rinha/queda de rins (a capoeira movement) for upper body like shoulder, arms, abs too i think

– managed to do 2 sets with 10 reps each work out

will prolly do more sets and work out and get better time for jogging after this, insyaAllah. lets do it together guys! oh and Ive put a video of how to do the queda de rins (ke-da ji hins) below for you to learn.