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29 Jun

saya mau lari dari masalah.

saya mau lari untuk stamina (dan jgak menurunkan berat badan).

saya mau lari ke sana

saya selalu berlari..

tapi masalahnye, bukan senang mau mula berlari.

bukan senang utk melarikan diri dari masalah..

ape ape pun,


ini azam saya

bukan lari dari masalah

tetapi lari utk menyihatkan badan..



27 Jun you notice that the color of the wedges is the same as those of my blog? the brown, the green…they are just similar..what a coincidence!

just another day 2

26 Jun

i couldnt sleep so well last night because both of my ears were in pain. yea, its because of the piercings. it felt like ngilu or stinging pain in english i if i was just stung by bees…i couldnt turn left or instinct was right, if i wanted to add some more piercings, it should have been on an ear first. the upper we pierce, the more painful it is because our upper ear part is more solid than the lower part..ahah, being not an anatomy expert makes me explain our ears just like this, but i know u could understand it.=P..yea..always trust your instinct..anyway, like it or not i have to bear with the pain..cant sleep lasak2 la nowadays..huhu..

ok so i went to OU again today for a movie show entitled was a great movie, with all the effects and actions, but….yea, theres a BUT.the character angelina jolie played was not up to my expectations. at the beginning of the movie (starting when Wesley met Fox at the pharmacy), the actions done by Fox was cool but throughout the end, there’s no more ‘wow’ actions from disappoints me a bit. i know the hero should shine more but as a heroin, she should be as shine as the hero like mr and mr smith movie.. i love that movie because the hero and heroin shine together. thats what i was hoping to see..anyway, it was a good one..cant wait to see hancock next..hehe july 2nd, already save the date..:D

my budget were a bit off today..haha..coz i bought a pair of vincci wedges just now, (not so expensive lah but i didnt even think of buying one today). i’ve always wanted a comfortable wedges before, now i’ve found one but sadly its not my fav color..well, on the positive side, at least i add some other color to my collection and most importantly they are comfortable to put on..i’m quite fussy buying things..i only buy comfortable ones depsite of their looks. and,as long as they look good on the wedges story all started when i had an hour of free time before my movie..i didnt know to do and decided to wander around. then i found padini shop was having lotsa red cards with 50% discount on display..i walked in, first at the clothes section in front and took a left turn to the vincci shoes section..i was browsing some wedges and found some that i like. i tried them on and after that, the only thing i remember, i was paying for, i wasnt being pukau-ed (hypnotized) by the promoter..haha..its me who pukau-ed myself..LOL..


allrighty, i think thats all for today’s activities..tomorrow n the day after will be another story..

just another day

25 Jun

i was bored then i decided to go to OU which is 10mins away (walking) from my aunt’s house. and of course in this malaysia hot weather, i took a cab to get there..haha..lazy me..i dont want sweat all over me when i get to here are the recaps.

movie(s) watched:

-get smart 2.30pm-4.30pm

-prom night 4.20pm-6.00pm

money spent:

-rm9 for cab (roundtrip)

-rm14 for movie tickets

-rm12 for another pair of piercings (didnt anybody tell me that piercing is addictive? i heard it once..that was after i pierced my first pair..tell u, i only started it a few months ago n in that few months i already have 3 pairs..i know this is not so hardcore for some of u but to me it kinda is because back then i was so scared to have any..haha)

-rm23.70 for 3 pairs of earrings ( i realized its quite expensive)

-rm58.70 total spending

time spent:

-2.00pm until 6.30pm (i wanted to reach home by 6.30 to watch ezora..haha)

well, i wanted to do some shopping but i didnt want to miss another episode of ezora..(lol) and another one because its not fun shopping people, buzz me if u wanna go shopping. tomorrow, WANTED will be released..i’ll definitely be going to see it..with company or not…

p/s: oh 1 thing i forgot to up!!!! adoi!



24 Jun

sape tgk cite indon? xsangka aku makin bersepah sinetron2 ini di malaysia. honestly, dulu i wasnt a fan of any but since skang xde keje n asek melepak di rumah, aku boleh dikatekan follow la jugak cite ni..antaranye..

-anakku bukan anakku, isnin-khamis 2.30pm

-bwg putih bwg merah, weekends at 6.00pm

basically cite indon ni byk men camera n expression muke..n kalu pihak antagonis tu sgtla kijam xingat neraka..hoho..tensen tul bile tgk..pihak protagonis ni plak lembik, lemah dan salu xbyk ckp..adoi..kalu la aku yg jd watak baik best jugak..xbyk dialog n perlu nangis je..

byk lg cite indon kt ntv7, 8tv, tv9 and even tv1 tv2 tp xlarat nk tgk je..hoho.cite melayu pon aku xtgk sgt..kecuali sindarela n ezora..hoho..tu mmg da abis cite lain nk tgk..aku tgh tggu cite fav aku abis didonlod kt umh..antarenye: ghost whisperer, desperate housewives, heroes, antm s10…huhu..aku rindu mau tgk spongebob squarepants sepanjang hr…!! skang dpt tgk yg dialih bahasa ke melayu¬† yg xbest di tv9 je..


24 Jun

i’ve been seriously infected by a plague called laziness recently and the doctor said i’m gonna face the symptoms as below:

-lazy to update the blog

-lazy to get out of the house (well, i should have at least having fun at the mall)

-dont want to get up early in the morning

-the only activities throughout the day are eating and sleeping and watching tv..oh not to forget surfing the net

..and basically lazy to do anything..aiyaiyai..

jom exercise! 2

22 Jun

it works! i tell you..i did it yesterday (this great work out), 3 sets of 10s for some and 3 sets of 20s for easy ones and guess what? i could feel it as soon as today! yea..its true, do it yourself n you’ll experience what i just said. anyway, i skip it today and perhaps continue doing it tomorrow..hehe..