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back pain 2

10 Dec

what should i do when my back is really in pain?..its not pain as in sakit its more like lenguh sgt2. and i dont know what it is in english.

have tried massaging and i have been doing it for months but still the pain is there. i cant sit for a long time, well you might see me sitting 2hrs in lecture but to tell u the truth i was in pain (err more to kelenguhan) mind would be wandering to my bed at home and i just felt like lying down on the bed while listening to the lectures.

to my fellow future doctors friends, what should i do? or those who know about physio. i’ve tried going to pusat perubatan nur and all they did was just giving me the cream like the counter pain. and it didnt do much. please help me here. i know if i were to consult the physio,  i have to get some letter or something like that from a clinic that later make reference to some particular physio treatment.