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sekitar eid al-adha

19 Dec

some pics during eid adha celebration..not in the pic is my eldest sis


the parents


sdc11913the kids (minus the parents in bottom pic)

sdc11918the sis

sdc11965the younger sis



the younger bros


the birthday mom

the parents:

Mansor b. Awg Mat Nor

Tuan Ramlah bt Tuan Yusof

the kids:

Nik Nursalima (the one not in the pic)

Nik Hanis

Nik Aisyah Amirah

Nik Muhammad Luqman

Nik Muhammad Faiz

p/s: cant u see that my name is the shortest? dont ask me why, ask my parents..hoho


Birthday Mom!

8 Dec

8 disember 2008




4 Nov

sorry for no updates due to the finals..didnt have much time nor idea to write since my head was stuffed with all the equations and formulae..

i thought i would feel relief after my circuit paper this evening but apparently NOT. feeling a bit down today as i wondered where’d all my effort i’ve put in for a week go. it didnt seem to go to my exams papers..all 3 papers were scuk. i blew them all terribly..i know i should have calmed down and got over it already but i just cant..its a feeling of not worth doing- not worth of reducing my sleeping and exercise time, taking caffein, and what not.

do you know how it feels when your parents put a high expectation on you? when they hope their children would achieve good results so they could be proud of them? and do you know how it feels when you let them down? the guilt is beginning to creep in and i just dont know what else could i do..i know i should have taken their advices but i’m one stubborn kid who wont listen to no one..sometimes i just hope that they could understand i’m not as good as the old times..

its time to ponder…n i need to be alone..see you when i wanna write again..

1st raya

3 Oct

pic was taken during 1st raya..


adik, me, man, abah n mak

not in the pic: k.long (bandung) n mirah (adelaide)


this is my younger sis on her 1st syawal this year in adelaide


n this is my eldest sis while she was on vacation in bali..couldnt find her raye pic so put this one up instead..

dua jenak…

17 Sep

“xpayah tuka2 dahla…dulu pon da byk kali tuka kan..dulu dpt gi jepun, pastu tuka us pulak..”

ok, here’s the story. my aunt was telling me about her friend’s son who is taking sports science course in a university. then i leaked out the story about my dad asking me if i wanted to change course after my scholarship had been terminated. choices given: finance, business or maybe sports science since i quite active in sports and interested in this kind of field. but thinking of 2 years of studying electrics, physics and maths, i figured it would be a waste if i were to change course. furthermore, i’ve been interested in electrics and electronic since i were introduced to physics in form 4. so now, regardless of how many credit transfer i got in Uniten, i just decided to continue it..even if i had to start all over again. even if i at the beginning wanted to take Mechi coz there would be more credit to transfer. so life and i bet everyone’s life is changing, be it in fast or slow phase.

everything was quite the same when i was in primary..nothing major happened that i considered as a change. it is all begun when i started my secondary school or high school. i got this offer to this new islamic boarding school not that far from my house. so it was a new school so everything was new and part of the building especially the hostel was still not done and we had to make round trip from home to school every single day. well ,that was not the point. after getting used to the new surrounding, being elected as the prefect and got some posts in clubs and societies, i got another offer from an established boarding school in kuala lumpur. at first i didnt wanna go as i was comfortable and happy with what i had, but bening parents who wanted the best for their son, they persuaded me to go to that school given some valid reasons, my current school was still new, and everything was not really complete, and with the incomplete infrastructures students could not study well. on the other hand, the other school got experienced teachers, well equipped, competitive surroundings and well known of producing good students. so the bottom line was, i went to the school and i’m glad i made the decision so. there were a shaky moment where i wanted to dropped out of the school during my 1st year because of i could not stand the rules where juniors had to wake up early in morning to shower (as early as 5am), later time was for the seniors, and we had to share almost everything in that school compared to at home. well, i am glad my parents didnt follow what i requested and i stayed there until form 5.

so done with my high school. now the life after school. with quite a good results for SPM, i managed to get some offers from some well known scholars, JPA, Telekom and YTN. my first offer came from MMU Malacca to pursue my studies in Electrical Engineering if i’m not mistaken and with Telekom scholarship at that time. but taking the risk, my parents asked me to wait for another offer. oh at that time too (in early 2004 i guess), my dad asked me to fill in Uniten’s form to get in the foundation course there. I think i got the offer but didnt go because by the date i had to register, i got an offer from JPA to pursue my studies in Japan. and so because it was an oversea course, i accepted that one. so off i went to RPKJ (Rancangan Pendidikan Khas Jepun) in Ambang Asuhan Jepun, Universiti Malaya. my life there was good. its nothing much different from school coz there were still seniorities, rules where we had to wear baju kurung and headscarf every day to lecture (heh) and some more..oh and being bullied by the senior was an experience i would never forget. but that was only during orientation period. after that, we were quite close with each other and some of us even were couples..LOL..anyway, that is irrelevant. my life there was great, the bond between us in the group was close since we were not so many and i enjoyed my 2 months there. got to know life after school a bit better..(life after school read: life with boys around) haha..oh i also got a strong bond with my japanese class teacher there..and after about two months having fun there where i thought my life would just evolve around there, i got another offer to pursue my studies in the states. course choice: computer science. since it was a course that i had never heard before and not that i wanted, i personally rejected the offer but the pengarah itself called me and explain something to me if i were to change my course to engineering, then i accepted it. that was also after listening to what my parents and aunt said. so there i go again, my life changed exactly like what happened in my early high school years. so it was a sad moment to leave my rpkj friends but hey, Uniten and UM is not so far, we could always see each other again after this. and we indeed met up again after that until i finally went to the states.

the changes did not stop there. my first year in computer science course. i didnt know what the tuuut was that and what was it all about. just learning the subjects that were prepared in the course..lucky me, the 1st year was all about the basic..i learnt calculus, physics, chemistry again and one new thing to me was only computer science 1 subject. well, maybe i’ll like it..(notttt!) after i figured programming was not for me, i asked YTN if i could change my course to engineering course. i had no problem with the school but the only person that i had to deal with was the YTN pengarah. at last, for my 2nd semester, i was known as the epow engineer student, no more computer science student..fuhh! i just couldnt take programming anymore..thanks to teetos and fariza who had been helping me in those CS1 homework and projects..aku salute ko la teetos, leh layan sume2 bnd ni..haha

so there you go, the story about the changes I’ve had in my life..only God knows what’s next in stored for me. anyway from my point of view, what has happened, what is happening and what will happen are what God has set for us. and that is what we are destined for. there are always a reason why we are chosen to that path and i,despite being sad from what has happened to me a year ago, am now, see what the reasons behind it.

“Ya Allah, kuatkanlah hatiku dlm menghadapi dugaan hidup ini. Sesungguhnya hanya Engkau yang Maha Mengetahui dan Maha Mengasihani..”

p/s: since this entry is long, i am lazy to recheck the grammar, typo and what so ever..pardon me for any mistakes..hehe

merdeka holiday + 1st day of ramadhan+today

2 Sep

i dont know what else to update but here are some:

  • doing nothing on merdeka night
  • 1st day of fasting wasnt that bad..i spent the day in front of the tv and computer, emm sleeping, and packing stuff..didnt help my mom at the kitchen much and my mom understand that coz i’ll only do the washing job..yes after breakfasting, (in fact after every meal) i’m the one who will wash the dishes. i dont like cooking, and just let the pro do it..hehe of course la my mom, who to eat a great breakfasting meal..hehe
  • only started doing thermo assignment on monday (later that night after breakfasting had to go back to uniten..haha such a last minute work..havent finished it until now..sighs)
  • watched the new series on tv called pepaya while waiting for my friends to pick me up
  • 1st time getting back late to uniten (read:departed late from temerloh)
  • in the car, reminiscence about our primary school time..oh i didnt tell u that my friends twho gave me the ride were my primary schoolmates, didnt i?..have met asshaufi here in uniten before but it was my first time meeting mizi..yes, wan hamizi who were very talkative before. and i remember, last time he didnt have the temerloh accent when talking but this time, he spoke it fluently and aku pon kalah..adoi, xleh jd org temerloh aku cani..both of them talked in that dialect and i didnt dare to interrupt. one thing because i enjoyed listening to it..haha
  • arrived at uniten at around 12.30. texted my parents and called him. and suddenly he asked who actually sent me back..before i just said ‘kawan’ and he didnt know whether those friends were male or female..when i said 2 of my old schoolmates who both are guys, he got jealous..haha 1st time to hear that word from him..before, i was the one who always said i’m jealous with him..tula kamu xtau aku ramai juga kwn lelaki..igt kamu je yg bleh buat aku jeles?? hehe..anyway, we planned to breakfast together one day..n i dont know when would that be since he is busy part timing..
  • today was an easy day..2 classes but loads of work (read: thermo assignments)..huhu..havent finished lazy lah after the holiday..anyway..have to buck up for test 2 really soon!! leng n pece, jom g library!! huhuhu