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untagged lg

31 Jan

ok im being super hardworking for other stuff but studying for my coming’s a tag from wakdol.. ūüėõ

Once you’ve been tagged, you are required to write a note with 10 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

  • same with akid, addicted to online. xsah if x online dlm sehari..celik2 mate online..sebelum tido online..
  • exercising give me self-satisfaction, stress-free and fat-free i guess..hehe
  • i love to keep every single thing from my previous past, even it is a plastic bag and supermarket receipt.
  • i love myself to the extent i want to find someone who can love me like that..(hmm agk psycho and thats y aku still single kot.. :P)
  • if im bored and have nothing better to do, i like to clean the house or room or wherever i am at
  • im broke right now and wish i could get any loan or scholar like before then i could shop nike whenever i want..
  • oh having said that, i love nike stuff so much that¬†i dont even fall for its imitations. coz the quality is just beyond satisfaction..heheh
  • ever since i grew my hair long, i realize ive spent so much money on it..not like few years back where i had short hair and saved lot of money on it. all i needed back then was only code 10 hair cream..hoho
  • my friends know a lot about me compared to what my family does..oh thats normal these days i guess
  • its easy for me to like someone but its hard to love someone

thats good enough i guess..nobody to tag, but u r willing to do it, go ahead~~ ūüėČ


the mix feelings

31 Jan

47658670_lifespathhave u ever felt that you are always alone even though u have a few close friends  to talk to?

have u ever felt that when you are in need of help but there’s nobody¬†could lend their hands?

have you ever felt that you have lost some friends when they have new friends and partners?

have i ever felt all of the above?

the answer is yes, i have. its not about me i want to talk about. im always alone in this world i realize. our life is like a road to our main destination and people around us are just the passers by and at a certain point of time, they will just dissappear from our life. when we take any turns or junctions we will surely meet new people, new surrounding and all. some people will tag along with us until whenever they want and when they see some other opportunities coming, they will hop off our vehicle and jump on the others. thats  the life i could see.

i’ve been up and down a few times before and honestly, im at the lowest point of my life now. Being a lone ranger myself, i dont feel that i need other people’s help. but in fact i really really really¬†need them, just that its hard for me to ask as i know, they have other stuff to entertain to¬†rather than solving my problems. well, im grateful that i was raised to be independent and be strong by myself. even at this lowest point, i could still¬†hold myself together and try some new opportunities to¬†bring it up again. or at least keep me busy rather than mourning about it. im also at the point where some of the passengers of my vehicle¬†are going to take off soon and im just sad about it. i know that i cant hold them that long as they also have other interesting opportunities to grab. i will surely miss all the time we have spent together. oh did i say its not about me i want to talk to?..yikes! haha ok enough about it. hehe end of¬†story~~

oh wait, before i forgot, ¬†im offering my ride, who wants to board with me?? lalala~ im bored right now..enough of the sad2 thingy..i have a test this tuesday, need to study for it..yosh! oh n also a lab test on the following day. yea, february is coming and i guess i would be busy too in february with af grad nite, tshirt to pick up, more test coming, PGL theatre (thanks dolly for buying the tix but not sure how much have she bought), taekwondo friendly tournament (huhu really need to build up my stamina hence the jogging, gym and training sessions), capoeira training and open roda in titiwangsa (oh really looking fwd to it!! ūüėČ ) and what more?? haha man, i just couldnt sit and do nothing!! LOL aite, thats all the ramblings for today see ya! dont wanna be ya!! ūüėÄ

snowboarding anyone?

31 Jan

yes im chubby so what? haha i admitted that i was so chubby back then and still am i’s¬† a couple of pics of me and along with abg long during my 1st us-celebrated bday (my 19th kot) at somewhere in philly for snowboarding! i do look chubby in those pics dont i?