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whats with the title?

22 Jan

one night when i walked back from upten to ilmu with tasha, she brought up this one question:

“nicky kan sebaye kak nissa, ayet nicky sorg je tasha x panggil kakak..nicky xkesah ke?”

and my answer was:

“no lah xkesah langsung..i prefer it that way.”

when i was in high school, seniority was important and the juniors would get a ‘lecture’ from the seniors if they didnt call them ‘kak’. now being out of school and have been travelled half the world away, i realized those titles are not that important. people usually use that as to show respect. respect is something we have to gain, not by asking people to respect you. i admit that malaysia has a lot of protocols, and cultures to follow but why dont we just simplify things for a while.

calling people by just names is more cordial and we will get even closer to them. im not saying im westernized and stating that western is better than us but  im just taking the good things ive got from the other side. most of my supervisors age twice as mine but i only call them by their names, chris, sue, rudy and jeff..the respect is still there as they are older than me but the highlight is, we are like friends, eat together, tell stories and even gossiping. oh how i miss those moments.

compared to what i face in malaysia now, i cant really open myself to someone who are older (ni pangkat makcik2 n pakcik) since if we are overdoing something, they would say us as rude, do not respect them  and what not. our life has become so rigid and too formal i would say because of these protocols.

so to people out there, i dont mind you calling me just by name if you are younger than me, in fact i wont entertain whoever call me  kak..hahaha agak kerek but  its kinda weird hearing kak in front of my name so just nicky yea.. and an excuse to my ‘adik’ who sometimes call me ‘akak ensem’..hohoho tp die jela leh panggil, not the others.

allrity i think i’ve got to keyboard off (used to write pen off before when writing notes to adik2 comel..haha) now..until my next entry..tata~