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You’re Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson

4 Jan

tale 1

it is sad that now i feel so alone..not that my friends are not around me, but it is just me who feel so lonely.

its complicated.enough said.

tale 2

weekends had been memorable for me. had a quality time with family. heh, yea, im surprise too..never in my life i wanna talk about my family but for these couple of weeks, ive been talking about them and wanna be with them. we seldom have time to gather all 7 of us but last week, it is finally happening when my eldest sister went back for christmas+new year holiday. but there was  one big problem. we couldnt travel all 7 in my dad’s few months old vios. yep, all 5 of us has grown up and there were not much space at the back. my dad had a toyota unser before and definitely no problem fitting all of us in that but vios?? anyway, we finally reached a solution and had it solved!

tale 3

i dont think im gonna write much after this..2009 has definitely changed the old me without myself noticing it. im yet to know in what terms but it actually has. lets us observe it together yah…