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23 Dec

it seems like weekends are the only time i could spend some time updating this blog. been busy with a few stuff:

-work out/jogging routine

-watching uniten cup matches and be an amateur analyst for the games (ahahaha)

-homeworks and assignment yg agak jarang disentuh but need to be submitted everyweek (huhu)

-gossips update with close friends

-preparation for af

holiday is approaching and im not so fond of it because i’ll definitely miss my jogging routine..huhu..missed 2days of it already for i had to settle some work..whylah malaysia has so many holiday? might not be able to join tts the night b4 as u already know, im not really into makan2 event (rumah terbuka wawasan dulu tu tibe2 rase nk join..hehe)..