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sekitar eid al-adha

19 Dec

some pics during eid adha celebration..not in the pic is my eldest sis


the parents


sdc11913the kids (minus the parents in bottom pic)

sdc11918the sis

sdc11965the younger sis



the younger bros


the birthday mom

the parents:

Mansor b. Awg Mat Nor

Tuan Ramlah bt Tuan Yusof

the kids:

Nik Nursalima (the one not in the pic)

Nik Hanis

Nik Aisyah Amirah

Nik Muhammad Luqman

Nik Muhammad Faiz

p/s: cant u see that my name is the shortest? dont ask me why, ask my parents..hoho


ISLB 113

19 Dec


grabbed the photo from zida’s blog..i miss her so much too!! oh2 and the pic of me was taken during orientation i think..nobody has seen me in tudung yet right? so here you go!! i have islamic class on tuesdays and for the last 3 weeks i went to class with tudung and baju kurung, nobody seemed to recognize me..haha..quite funny..i even walked beside the people who i always say hi to and they wrinkled their forehead for a while then smiled back at me. seriously, if i didnt say hi, they wont recognize me! i feel like invisible for a while i tell ya..