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silent killer 2

18 Dec

since my x housemate said this story is the best she has ever read, so i decided to make a sequel of it..haha..NOTTTTTTT!..i actually need some help from people out there who knows about this pain..hehe..i make it sound bad isnt it? i dont think its  that bad either but this is just the worst case scenario where i assume there might be something wrong with my backbone or muscle or what so ever. had a chat with a friend of mine who i could say quite expert in physio thingy and he said it might be “my spinal cord is pinching things surrounding it” or  it might be “internal bruising”..does that sound bad enough to you? huhu me think so..lets just pray it is actually nothing..i dont know how long i could stand the pain because i wanna observe the pain for few  more days..if it is still hurt, i’ll do the check up.

so they dont think its osteoporosis. it could not also be lacking vitamin D so what would it be actually? wait until i do the check up lah..or you can gimme some theories if you want to..