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11 Dec

i burnt my altec lansing adapter of my speaker just now. not being smart enough to check the voltage first. i thought the input voltage of the speaker would just be the same as my other electrical appliances i bought from the states that is 120-240v but this one is only 120v. i plugged in the adapter without reading the notes at the bottom of it. when i switched the plug on and pushed the on button, the light was going off alright showing that it is functioning but after a few miliseconds, a slow thud was heard and no more light. it was then followed by a smell that i didnt recognize. i wondered what it was and then quickly put the speaker off and checked the notes written.darn it! i should have checked it earlier. but the world didnt end there. i’m planning on going to pc fair tomorrow to accompany my friends as well as buying some ink catridges for my printer. so, i think i could ask around altec lansing booth if they haveĀ  the adapter i want..i hope so..finger crossed!